Friday, December 13, 2013


HOLIDAY SALE!!!! I put together a small holiday sale catalog. Every piece on this page is 200$ ONLY! Feel free to call me or email if you feel that you MUST have one of of these pieces. 3 more pages of original art paintings by Emiliya Lane are coming up. Enjoy, and Happy Holiday to YOU all!!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


My dear friends,

Time to summarize this incredible, warm, sweet, full of success and surprises summer.
Where should I start ?

First I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my friends, family and mentors: my support system people. Thank you for all of your Love, trust and help!

This summer brought me great teaching and exhibiting opportunities.
I gained new talented students and have been invited to teach at Arts Umbrella in Bothell 
Classes started on September 5th and we still have spots available. 

Participation in two Plein Air art festivals was a fun, amusing and rewarding experience. 
At the Cle Elum “Fresh Air Artists” festival I was very happy to win Best of Show and to receive a second place ribbon. At "Paint the Peninsula", the first annual Plein Air festival in Port Angeles, I won Best of Show for my painting "Drifting" and took second place in a quick draw competition for "Merlot". As The Best of Show winner, in addition to a generous monetary award, I will have the honor of having "Drifting" become the image on the label of "Plein Air" – a Special Limited Vintage Wine produced for the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center by Camaraderie Cellars.
 “Drifting” will also be featured in next year’s promotional materials for the Plein Air Festival. 
I also received " A Quarter Page Advertising Award " in Plein Air Magazine. I am grateful to the organizers, generous sponsors and juror of this event Ned Mueller for being given this amazing opportunity to participate with all of the incredible artists that were there. I am happy, honored and privileged beyond imagination to compete and win.
"Drifting" oil on linen, 11x15 "The Best of Show" winner, SOLD

"Emerald Pass" oil on linen, 12x9

"The Magic Hour" oil on linen, 14x8 - SOLD!

"The Wee Hours" oil on linen, 12x9

In August I joined the Eastside Association of Fine Arts (EAFA). As a member I'm a part of the show "Splash" at the Seattle Design Center. Please join me for the  artists reception.  

Friday, August 30, 2013


I'm Incredibly honored, humbled and happy !!! My pieces " Red Chair" was just accepted into a National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS) Best of America Juried Show .Hurrraaayyyy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Red Chair" oil on linen, 12 x16

Long time no see, guys.. And all because of a heavy plein air painting traveling and a workshop I took with Zhaoming Wu. I highly, highly recommend this workshop to professionals and experienced artists. I learned a lot. And I'm going to adapt and incorporate some of Zhaoming ideas and philosophies to my teaching. For me, it's all about paint application, brush strokes  calligraphy and a very strong attention to a color temperature shifts
. To watch him demoing  was a revelation and  highest joy. Here are my attempts to paint in a style of  Zhaoming Wu. I think I'm completely sold! I will integrate his approach into my own creative  expression.
I also met incredible, warm and open hearted group of people from all over this country! And THIS is a biggest blessing of my art adventure. I LOVE every second of it!  Enjoy and thank you for being part of this journey !!
"Red Chair" oil on linen , 12x16 
"Interlude" oil on linen, 12x16 

"A short break " oil on linen, 12x 16 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whidbey's Sunset

On this beautiful warm evening, when the Super Moon 2013 is spilling its cooling, indigo light upon us I wanted to pay tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez by posting his last letter. Don't wait until it's too late - LOVE YOUR LIFE and LOVE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE!

The Puppet

If for a moment God would forget that I am a rag doll and give me a scrap of life, possibly I would not say everything that I think, but I would definitely think everything that I say.

I would value things not for how much they are worth but rather for what they mean.

I would sleep little, dream more. I know that for each minute that we close our eyes we lose sixty seconds of light.

I would walk when the others loiter; I would awaken when the others sleep.

I would listen when the others speak, and how I would enjoy a good chocolate ice cream.

If God would bestow on me a scrap of life, I would dress simply, I would throw myself flat under the sun, exposing not only my body but also my soul.

My God, if I had a heart, I would write my hatred on ice and wait for the sun to come out. With a dream of Van Gogh I would paint on the stars a poem by Benedetti, and a song by Serrat would be my serenade to the moon.

With my tears I would water the roses, to feel the pain of their thorns and the incarnated kiss of their petals...My God, if I only had a scrap of life...

I wouldn't let a single day go by without saying to people I love, that I love them.

I would convince each woman or man that they are my favourites and I would live in love with love.

I would prove to the men how mistaken they are in thinking that they no longer fall in love when they grow old--not knowing that they grow old when they stop falling in love. To a child I would give wings, but I would let him learn how to fly by himself. To the old I would teach that death comes not with old age but with forgetting. I have learned so much from you men....

I have learned that everybody wants to live at the top of the mountain without realizing that true happiness lies in the way we climb the slope.

I have learned that when a newborn first squeezes his father's finger in his tiny fist, he has caught him forever.

I have learned that a man only has the right to look down on another man when it is to help him to stand up. I have learned so many things from you, but in the end most of it will be no use because when they put me inside that suitcase, unfortunately I will be dying.

translated by Matthew Taylor and Rosa Arelis Taylor

Whidbey's Sunset 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fresh Air Art Festival 2013

I'm finally back to Seattle from Fresh Air Art Festival! I returned full of happy moments shared with my dear artists-friends and impressions of Majestic Nature. Both are essence of my inspiration. I'm so excited, happy and humbled to receive 2 awards! I brought back 10 paintings , a Second Place and The Best of Show Awards ! Thank you so very much to an incredible group of people: High Country Artists association, Dianna Shyne , a juror, Charlene Kauzlarich and Ginger Stogdell for tirelessly organizing and promoting this event. We will back!!!
Fishing Spot , oil on linen , 9x12

Teanaway River , oil on linen, 9x12 
Sweet Spot, oil on linen, 9x12 
Murmur of River - Second Place Winner 

"Green Miles' Best of Show Winner 
Riding Buddies 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Oriental Wind" oil on linen, 20x16

It's hard to acknowledge, but I was struggling with this portrait and almost give up. Nevertheless  following my own credo "Never give up" and remembering how much I wanted to paint this model , I  finally nailed it . Rachel is an incredibly talented student of mine, beautiful, smart and sweet kid . The Haiku I wrote is on Russian. Approximate translation will be something like that :
Oriental Winds bring aromas of exotic spices - Smell of Cinnamon and Lilies waken sensation of dry  warm  and sweet air  on my lips ...It's premonition of first Love"..
This painting is for sale, and as always free shipping available.
"Oriental Wind" oil on linen, 20x16

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Gentle Summer" oil on linen

I got into plein air still lifes .And must admit - this is one of my favorite genre now .  I still do love to paint plein air landscapes , as it's reall joy to paint on different location, to see gorgeous places , to meet new people and share such experience with dearest friends - fellow- artists .
 But painitng  still life out side  , the constant shifts in temperatures,  light/shadow playful chase is exciting and challenging and that;s why is so attractive . A Challenge! Is it just me? lol
"Gentle Summer" oil on linen, 11x14 

Upcoming Art Show - July 13 - September 15, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

"Sun Lit Delights" oil on linen , 16x20 SOLD!!!

Ok, folks - If I don't post on the blog for a couple of days - just know :  it's because I'm painting like mad lady...and loving it!
 I'd like to answer some of my students questions  right here on the blog - The most frequent  question asked is about galleries .
What kind of strategies must artists come up with in order to be accepted into good, reputable galleries .
Before I answer this, I must ask - are you positive you want to be shown at a gallery at the expenses of your sales ?
Yes, most of the galleries nowadays have strict requirements and exclusive contracts - If you can successfully sell online - think twice before you sign anything that may cut your profits!!!
Plus, How often have you've been rejected (as an artist) and felt discouraged and
confused presenting your work to a gallery?
As artists, we really want to feel as though we have the freedom to create and
paint whatever we want. Guess what? If you are still, after my warning, seriously considering seeking
out gallery representation, you need to think about creating a unified and

cohesive body of work to demonstrate your consistency and creative maturity.
To do this, try to find a focus and create a body of 30 works of one style and
medium. Ideally, even the framing should be harmonious and unified.

Make sure your portfolio is delivered in a convenient format to the gallery. To
avoid mistakes, simply call the gallery to set up an appointment and ask what
their expectations are ahead of the show.

It’s important to price your art with confidence and consistency.

Before approaching a gallery, make sure it’s reputable and appropriate for your
type of work.

Lastly, make sure your portfolio actually reaches a suitable representative of the
gallery. The best way to do this is to call and set up the appointment with the
owner or manager.

So here is my lates painting, still fresh on the easel :
" Sun Lit Delights" oil on linen , 20x16
"Sun Lit Delights" oil on linen, 20x16 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Announcement of a new classes

It’s been almost three weeks since I shared my latest paintings and posted some
of my insights.  It's all because recently, I've been really busy with plein air activities, teaching and installing new shows. I also paint more ( is it even possible ?) I'm producing at least 3 pieces a week and using so much oil, that  I felt like I needed to graduate to more efficient, effective and economical ways of buying art supplies. So I decided to  move my business to Classic Artist Oils and wish I did this a long time ago!
Next step will be making my own panels and buying  Belgian linen in bulk.

It's official! I've been invited to teach at Arts Umbrella in Bothell .
My on- going, oil painting classes start on
September 5, 2013. Time 9-12
Please see link below for more information.

To sign up for the classes, email or call me.
206 419 0424

"Mountain Ash Liqueur " 16x20oil on linen

Monday, June 10, 2013

"A Math Teacher" oil on linen 12x16

It's official ! I've been invited to teach to Arts Umbrella in Bothell!!! I'm very happy to stat working  with Liana Bennett , a great artist and a thoughtful teacher . Classes starting in September , all Thursdays 9-12.
Please sign up by emailing me . Stay tuned for more detailes .
 Here are two more portraits from the weekend workshop with Ned Mueller at Arts Umbrella .
"Math Teacher" oil on linen, 12x16

"Polka Dot" oil on linen, 12x16

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"A Queen of a Gipsy Camp"

A portrait of Kirsten from workshop with Ned Mueller. I called this piece "A Queen of a Gipsy Camp" because of exotic beauty of the model . I do have lots' of fun painting with friends, exchanging jokes with Ned, a  notoriously famous for his humorous pranks and one of the best living Masters of this country..Ahh Life is Good !!! 

Friday, May 31, 2013

"Foreseeing a new garden projet "

This little fun piece I painted just to get away from piles of plein air studies of hills, rocks, and greenery :-) So i just wanted to have ad some flowers and humor to my daily painting routine
"Foreseeing a new graden project"
oil on canvas ,


I don't know one single artist who wouldn't take reference photos and later use those for touch ups .
I've heard of such, but sincerely think it's more like an urban legend.  I'm not an exception and  use lot's of reference photos , and sometimes I paint entirely form the photo.
 Let's assume a best case scenario and that you own a good camera . Even though it will give you decent quality photos , it still will never fully transfer  the true colores - So here is the little trick without getting deep into Photoshoping
Open your photo in any preview or editing programs and adjust it to make it significantly warmer and lighter..And I mean lighter! Try to print a large photo - you can see all the gorgeous colors in those shadows.
Anyway , here is an example of a plein air studies, with a studio touch ups .
"The Horsthief Lake" 9x12, oil on linen

"River Bank" 9x12 oil on linen
"Mount Baker" oil on linen , 8x10

'Columbia" oil on linen , 10x10
Please contact me for the prices - thank you :)

Friday, May 24, 2013


For all of you who sent requests and asked where you can see my art in person, here is the Summer 2013 shows schedule :
June 1-8 , Seaside Gallery Invitational Plein Air Artists Show in  La Conner, WA
June 15-30 , Vernissage Gallery of Russian Cultural Center , Seattle , WA
July 13- September 13 - "Habitude" Salon and Spa in Ballard, Seattle
I have my pieces permanently on display  at Kronos, Vashon Island and Vernissage Gallery of Russian Cultural Center . Hope to see you at once of those venues !

The bottom line is....

The spring was very eventful with  great paint outs (the best so war), perspective  plans for future  classes,  private circumstances leaded to a few serious decisions ( very right ones) and smart,  much needed, art business steps .
I'm happy to report that Gorge trip resulted in few  successful paintings, with one has been  already sold. The rest of it is going to Seaside Gallery Invitation Show in La Conner.
My romantic fevers  are curing pretty fast this days, injecting my creativity , enhancing  experience and giving me a deeper understanding of my own needs.
 Every "paint out", or "paint in" bring more friends into my life and more  students.
 It feels like economy is turning around a bit , since I sold 4 pieces this month.
 I feel that, in the midst of this crazy busy creative and personal  life, 3 things are never failed me : Meditation,  Artistic Impuls, and Friends. What else can I ask for? :)))

The Gorge Paint out was incredible, relaxing and fun. Also a great experience on how to make a compositional  decision quick while  fighting a wind. And, of course,  importance of a good, understanding, supportive company of  painting buddies .
There were many open vistas, valleys, endless hills and mountain ranges. It's a personal choice how to treat the design. For myself, I realized I need to stop cutting the composition and painting close ups.

Cle Elum trip conclusion is never underestimate the weather forecast :) Always have a set of thermals and a good wind-braker in your car.  And second - prepare your canvases right!!!!
I'm good at giving this advise to my students, but failing at it myself sometime. This time,  I had several canvases with me, which I forgot to sand and put 3rd layer of gesso - the result you will never see, as it's a disastrous painting and complete waste of 3 hours of precious time

So here are several studies I like, all of it you can see at La Conner Seaside Gallery invitational show.
"Six o'clock Sky" oil on linen board, 9x12 - SOLD!

"Quiet Noon" oil on linen, 9x12 
"Teanaway" oil on linen , 8x10

"Columbia bank" oil on linen , 9x12
"Iron Horse Park" oil on linen , 9x12

"Murmur of the Creek" oil on linen, 9x12
"Chasing the Light" oil on linen, 16x20 SOLD

Rising Waters - oil on board , 9x12 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Shabby chic" oil on canvas board, 11x14

I ve got this huge bunch of yellow and violet tulips and feel like Im obsessed with it :-) The complimentary colors are good enough to eat :-) So I just finished one piece and thinking of starting another :-)
Here it is "Shabby chic" - it's for sale $ 400.00 - free shipping to anywhere, as always :)

"Shabby Chic" 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Waiting for her Scarlet Sails" 11x14 oil on canvas board

This piece I started plein air a couple of years ago and forgot about it , and recently was feeling strange urge to finish it..I'm sure it's  just sublimation of my own desires and wishes ...It's good to dream , and normal to wait  ..for your "Scarlet Sails" ..For those who is unfamiliar with Russian literature of 20th Century, I will make a little lyrical digression - "Scarlet Sails" is a great romantic novel by Russian author Alexander Green  about everyday miracles, myths  of Love , about how important to believe, dream and trust and that we all should wait for "Scarlet Sails" ...I still do..and won't settle for less :-))
Sorry to return to reality :-), but  this piece is for sale - 400$ and a free shipping ( and if  you really believe in miracle of Love, you will receive a discount :-)))
"Waiting for her "Scarlet Sails" 11x14 oil on canvas board 

Change of heart..

I went to a beautiful Vashon Island over weekend to switch  up my art work at the little island gallery and to paint  beaches . If you, by chance, visiting  the island, please stop by Kronos 17610 Vashon Highway SW 206-463-0061, to see my new landscapes and paintings of animals.

As for the plein air attempt, it was a flop figuratively and literally :-) I dropped my sketch  face down on the sand ..ouch
Looks like the whole idea to go there and paint on the overcast and windy day was a mistake ...
As for the piece I created , is it even reparable ? Sometimes, if you recognize a strong features of a successful painting - as a design, composition,  colors, it's worse to completely repaint it, in this case, i don't think I want to invest more time in it...If I would do it , I would call it " Change of Heart"
Goodbye Vashon!
Before the disaster..... 

Skagit Valley Colors

Me and my painting buddies finally made it to La Conner. The tulip fields colors, crisp air, happy energy of people around and 2 finished sketches made this trip a success.
Im posting just one for now, as I'm still working on the larger piece and changing the composition a little. The tip of the day - Even if you using lot's bold, bright stand out colors , the dramatic  compostion  is still the key to a successful painting. Strong design and bold colors double the visual effect.
So here is the result of the trip (#1) and  hey, it's for sale :)
$ 200.00 plus free shipping always! Have a great day and thank you for viewing my art :-)
"Skagit" oil on canvas board , 8x10 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Charcoal Drawing as a medicine

As we all know,  a creative process , a spiritual path or life itself is not all roses...All those roads are bumpy. It's fun, interesting, fulfilling ..but bumpy and it's ok , that's the rule of the game, I suppose . To find an own, unique solution for blowing up those blocks and removing the obstacles.
The rationals  are all different for everybody of course , but there is a solution for solving those antics and removing the blocks  , and for me it's a  meditation, green juicing and taking slow little steps toward my easel ...I found that best alternative when I can't even touch my brushes or approach the easel is to fish out and  dust my drawing board and started to draw with charcoal....The more time I would mediate , the more time I could spent drawing - so the last two night I finally started to like what I do again, and today I'm ready for my paints....I think ...
So here are some images ...Thank you for viewing my art.
"Spirit of Your Flower"

"Marina" charcoal drawing

"Julia" charcoal drawing 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Spring Delights" 20x20 oil on linen

So what I've been up to lately one can ask...The answer is to a lot :) I've been painting, dating, teaching, organizing and curating shows and simply living it up to its fullest ...LOVE it..However I would like to present a result of my latest  overnighters :-) I do continue to paint portraits every week, still life twice a week and simply craving to do plein air painting - Want to go and play and paint outside so bad, but the weather is still not cooperating . So here we go , my latest creations - and it's  still available-  so hurry up :-), shoot me an email if you feel like you want to indulge your soul and spirit  to an original oil painting :-)

"Spring Delights" oil on linen, 20x20 -$ 850

"Lika" oil on linen 20x16 -$ 400

"The Lost Captain" oil on linen 20x20 -$ 500