Monday, October 15, 2012

"Openhearted" oil on linen, 20x20

I really enjoyed the article by Clint Watson , with a catchy title:

Art Marketing: Are You Giving Others the Power to Kill Your Business?

So here he is clearly and loudly stating :
Don't put all the control of your art marketing channels into the hands of others.

If you're relying on galleries to sell your art, do you know who is buying it and how to reach them?  If that gallery goes out of business, it could kill your business.

Are you relying on SEO?  What if Google decides to change their rankings and pushes you down anyway?  Or worse, what if Google moves "the #1" organic spot to the 11th listing on the page?

Getting tons of business from Facebook or Twitter?  Do you have a way to reach your fans if those networks go down?  Or worse, change their terms of service in a way that impacts your ability to do business?

Do you rely on a free service like Google Blogger for your blog?  What if they ban access to your blog?  Who do you call, the tech support line (oh wait, there isn't one)?  Don't think that would ever happen?  Ask artist Marsha Robinett.

My point is, control your marketing channels.  They are your lifeline to your customers.  That's one reason that we continually beat the drum of utilizing an email newsletter as your primary marketing channel. [1]  That's something you control and can use to connect directly with your customers.  Nobody has the power to take that away from you...except you.
Now, go change the world,
Clint Watson"

And here is my new piece. I'm moving towards larger scale  and want to have a flexible inventory for venues of different sizes. So here it is" Openhearted" - it's for sale at $ 500.00

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Evening in Port Townsend " - last day of Wooden Boats Festival

Color is not constant thing. The color of a subject will change its appearance when the colors surrounded it changes . Also the color will change its appearance when the light shining upon it changes the spite how much our brains would like to think otherwise ! After all the Color is just an illusion because it's changes all the time and it's affected by Light Source, surrounded color and atmosphere.
Here is my new painting , from the photo I took in Port Townsend Boat festival from my series   " Fair Sees and Following Winds"  - Evening in Port Townsend . I took about 500 hundred photos  and have great material to paint . This piece is for sale -$ 350.00 with the frame - $ 250.00 no frame
11x14, oil on linen, free shipping

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Flowers Study" oil on linen 11x 14

Jasper Johns 8 principals of creativity :
1 . Creativity occurs in auction  -
2. Creativity begins with a simple ideas
3. Creativity lives in the Present
4. Creativity increases with practice
5.Creativity increases as Judgment and Criticism decrease.
6. Creativity likes Constraints and Specifics
7.Creativity emerges in experimentation ans exploration
8.Creativity is about having a plan and willingness to depart from it !
 So just START ! Take a first step  and don't wait for a great ideas - JUST DO IT!!!

Flowers study - oil on linen - $ 300.00

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Art Class in Seattle

 Tomorrow I'm starting a new series of classes for teens "Creating  an art portfolio"
We'll work on the portfolio ,which will  distinctly represent you to a college as a potential student and young artist. 
We’ll prepare 12 finished pieces from categories :observational art, personal art .
The final portfolio will show your knowledge and skills  in drawing, painting and composition. Give me a call if you want to be on the list for the next session 

Monday, October 1, 2012

"Fort Casey" oil on linen , 9x12

Just a little note about giving your painting a real boost and increase the interest
by having one or more secondary focal points or areas as well as a primary  focal point or area.
Just make it more interesting and intriguing for the viewer .

Fort Casey - oil on linen , 9x12 - for sale @ 250.00

"Morning  in Coupeville" - Here is example of how NOT to design and compose your painting.
I actually will use this painting as a poster for the very common artistic mistakes.
Number 1. This building is dividing the painting right in half .
Number 2. To many focal points and there is no comprehensive idea , why did I choose this composition in a first place. Basically TMI - too much information . And that is the main reason I won't sell this plein air sketch to demonstrate to my students - that  we are all humans and make mistakes :-)
Happy Painting Everyone

"PRELUDE DE VIOLIN " oil on linen 11 x14

This painting I started from  the vinette set up by my very good friend, painting buddy and great artist Irina Milton in her studio . I finish it from the photograph and really like the cold, northern light.
I have lots of interesting insights today , but have to be in a hurry to  hang my show up. 
Well, all words of wisdom will need to wait to be said :-) Till evening ..

 For sale - 650.00 - free shipping as always