Friday, May 1, 2015

Painting#60 "Arboretum II"

I lost a sequence and an order of my paintings...No wonder :) So many beautiful things to paint and learn , so many interesting functions, meetings, concerts, art exhibits, home based business challenges, so many fantastic books to read ... so little time...:)))
One things is inviolable ... I still paint every day ...I'm almost done with small size paintings, and that's why I don't post daily anymore. However there is a bunch of great artists, face book friends, who posted often and sometimes come up with invaluable information. One of them is Thomas  J. Kitts. He actually wrote the whole esse about Sargent painting approach
I would highly recommend this, loaded  with a great information, art research. Read here :
Thomas Kitts
Ohh yes, and the painting # 60 - "Arboretum" plein air demo for my Monday class.Oil on linen, 12

" Arboretum II" oil on linen, 12x11 
x 11