Monday, November 12, 2012

"Gypsy" - Portret of Elena , 24x20 oil on linen

I'm posting an image of my third portret from the group on Bainbridge Island . I'm taking a ferry every week to go to see my dear friends and paint with incredible artists! Yes, it's time and money but it's sooo worth it!  How lucky I'm .
So, here some conclusions on the process, regarding the portret painting :
1 Format . Of course we all different and have own preferences - I found that the large size of canvas liberate my strokes and motions .
2. More paint! I will never grow tired of repeating this  simple truth - Paint with large amount of paint - massive blabs of paint. As soon as  I rub the pain into a canvas my feel of happiness and meditation from creative process dissolving. Returning back to a happy oily dancing brush reenter my state of ecstatic happiness
3. Deliberate strokes - For canvas size 24x20 you must use brush 10 for 80% of the painting time - then slow down , and get smaller size of the brushes
4. There is no pure white anywhere , so use your sensible and subtle mixes
"Gypsy" portret of Elena , 24x20 , oil on linen 
This portret is not for sale at the moment as I will show it at my 2 upcoming exhibits  .
So in case you really want it - $ 3000.00

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inspiration for the day - How to establish yourself ?

This question lot's of my fellow artists and students would ask . I found a great insight on this subject by marketing guru Maria Brophy, wich perfectly reflects my own feeling about that

How can I establish myself to become well known and recognized for what I do?”
There are many different paths you can take to become well known and established.
Just like anything else in the world of being a creative entrepreneur, one-size does not fit all!
But, the quickest route to being recognized, no matter what you do for a living, is to:
  • Find a niche
  • Focus on that niche; and
  • Do excellent work for a long period of time within that niche.
The best niche to focus on is one that you feel passionate about.
If you love what you’re doing, you’ll stay dedicated long enough to see success.  You’ll also do your best work.
The power of the niche is the old “big fish in a little pond” theory.  It’s more likely that you’ll become well known for something when you focus in one small area.
For example, If you love horses, and you focus on painting horses, and you mingle within groups of people who live the equestrian lifestyle, consistently, you will eventually become known as THE artist to go to if you want a painting of horses.
Never have I heard anyone say “Oh that’s Bob Green; he’s well known for doing everything!
I know of artists who paint in many different styles and mediums and subject matters; they try to be all things to everyone.  But then they get lost in the shuffle, because they are a little fish in a huge pond.
It’s okay to not have a niche, but if you want to become known for something, you have to focus in one area.
Listed below are a few different areas in which you can find your niche:
Some artists have a style that is unmistakable.
You don’t have to see their name on the work to know they did it; artists like Salvador Dali and Picasso.  (Whatever you do, don’t become known as the guy who knocks off other artists!)
If you have a distinctive style, you eventually become known for it. 
Focus your art or services in one local area.
Become known as “the artist of your town” or the “glass blower of Charleston” and over time, you will be the first person that comes to mind for local projects.

Take what you love; a hobby, a passion, a charity; and marry that with your talent to create a niche.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Returning to Fremont :-) My new show is up and running

Finally I can post again, it's been weeks  of busy preparation for 2 exhibits, painting and teaching.  Running between Seattle, Pouslbo and Port Townsend is getting little bit out of hands :-) but all in a good sense , lot's of new work, creativity , more students, more sales, new interesting  people entering my life, lot's of knowledge on the propose and what is the most importan aspect of art and life.
 All that gives me such deep and  rich daily experiences.
Day by day, moon by moon life is unfolding , and I sip my tea, meditate, paint, play with my cat, witnes my son's soul growth and realize that this is the best time of my life!!!
Anyway, I had two shows in Seattle up and running right now - in Ballard and Fremont .
In Fremont " Fremont Jewelry Design" open 5 days a week - 10 -6 , 3510 Fremont Place North  Seattle, WA 98103

Kimono, 11x14 oil on canvas 

"Lunch Date" oil on linen 11x 14  SOLD!!