Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Upcoming Shows schedule for 2013

No art postings today - but working on at least 3 pieces simultaneously and will post it next week - Solid! :-) In a meanwhile  I would like to give you all an idea where you can see my paintings in person, hence my 2013 exhibit schedule . You can always find it on the  right panel of the blog's main page.
March/April 2013 - Kronos Gallery on Vashon Island
April 4, 2013          "AU Business Center " in Bellevue
April 19, 2013        Hugo house on Capitol Hill - Art Sale and Auction
May 11, 2013         "Habitude" Salon and Spa in Ballard
June 15, 2013        "  Vernissage Gallery" at Russian Cultural Center
I represented by "Kronos", "Vernissage Gallery, "

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yes, it's happend and it's BIG - a break through actually . My little piece "A New Beginning" won BoldBrush painting competition !!! Thank you artist-judge Carrie Ann Baade. It's a very tough and tight competition as thousands upon thousands artists participate  and submit their work to that competiotion daily. I'm so happy and truly proud! Thank you all :-)

                                                      "A New Beginning " oil on linen

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"DANCING SHADOW" 24x20 oil on canvas board

I've been very productive in a  last 3 weeks as I know I have two large shows coming up. But the main reason for such inspiration is a feeling of happiness, content and sense of being in a perfect  place.....
I finished two large paintings  today and prepared more canvases for some interesting experiments.
I could easily  paint all night - but my feet just gave up on me :-) so it's time to retire to bed .
Both of those paintings are for sale , of course 

"Dancing Shadow" oil on canvas , 24x20 -$ 850.00

"Sweet 15" oil on canvas , 20x18 $ 650.00