Monday, April 25, 2016

New Paintings

As you all have probably noticed and as my mentor Elena Goubar mentioned "Slowly but surely" I continue to develop my new style with a deeper narrative and story, that more people can relate to. Despite, how much I love to paint emotionally charged portraits and strong characters, it's not finding the right response in the practical world of the art market and sales. I'm struggling with stepping out of my comfort zone and breaking some rules. Yes, it's painful and yes, it's scary but as I always preach "that's exactly where transformation begins". None of us like to hear critique and accusation in commercializing our art. Artists, public, friends and students will always have opinions based on their own experience, education and level of openness. I will continue braving the weather, searching for my own voice, no matter what.
So here two new pieces, and I have about 5 in the making :)

Seattle Native - oil on canvas, 30x30 

Memory Lane , oil on canvas 30x03 

Start collecting Art!

I just stumbled up a great article, with a good , reasonable tips on how to buy art. That subject is close to my heart, as I've been collecting for about 10 years. So here is the article. Enjoy!

Starting a fine art collection can be daunting; it’s important to invest time understanding what you like, plan to spend wisely, and figure out placement in your home.
Celine Rabago, Fine Arts Consultant at Pacific Galleries and Auction House, has been in the art sphere for over a decade. She shared with us the most vital tips for budding collectors, and the one secret that all art collectors should know.

Let’s say I want to start collecting fine art for my home. Where do I start?
Celine Rabago: Visit galleries, museums, and auctions, and read art books for styles, artists, or art movements that you are personally attracted to. Then find places that offer that type of art, whether it’s a gallery, an auction house or live auction platform, or the artists directly.
In the end, finding your own personal style and preference is what matters the most. Understand that while some art does appreciate in value, this is not true of all art. Collect what you love.
How can I be sure to stay within a budget?
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