Monday, February 13, 2012

"TRIO" oil on linen 8x8

I'm really happy with this little piece - it took me 2 hours and it feels pretty fresh and light. Love it:-)
It's for sale too:
$ 250.00

"The RETRO" oil/linen 10x10 SOLD

"The RETRO" - Wow, painting the pearls is hard!
I even pull my art books to go through and study the old masters approach . Well , that's what I've got :-)
I decided to paint more pearls, not that it's my fav subjects, I just like challenges.

$ 200.00 and free shipping


"LATE FLOWERS" , Russian version of this title is " Цветы Запоздалые". It's so exactly express the emotions behind this piece, but alas, there is no English equivalent of this phrase, which is also a title of Chechov's play.
Anyway, it was more then a month since I post a new painting. Closing the "brick-and-mortar" store and relocation everything to on- line was, and still is  such a borderless  task, that looking back I still can't believe we REALLY did it!
Now, a new life, a new beginning, full of new projects  and  happy painting  lies ahead. I'm so excited even to think about the future!!!!
On the top of all those exciting news I also sold 7 pieces from my latest show. Hurray!
Despite that crazy, busy life, I was able to paint and have 4 new pieces to post. Well, I suppose, I'll post it one thing at the time :-)
So, here it is "Late Flowers" - 250.00$
Free shipping as always!