Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Teanaway Valley" oil on linen, 8x10

First I wanted to share some important information on toxic mediums . I just learned the liquin is  highly toxic and you can't  use it for a long period of time , specially if your ventilation is not too good, as in my case . There are great non toxic replacement for almost all oil mediums, brush cleaners and so on.
One of the wonderful, non toxic  alternatives for liquin or other mediums is M' Graham walnut alkyd medium. Also for cleaning the brush as you paint , please buy SoySolv ( Daniel Smith has on sale) and the the deep cleaning use BrushFlush (Amazon.com)
Finally, here is my latest little painting , a demo for my "Atmospheric Perspective" class .
It't called "Teanaway Valley". It's been "Daily Paintworks" FaceBook pic of the day- a second this month - Woo Hoo !!!

It's for sale on FrankandDunya.com

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Light Breeze" SOLD

From Mari-Lyn Harris: 
Are you a Reporter or a Poet?
And... why do you need to know?
The simple definition is:
  • A reporter states the facts
  • A poet shares her feelings ABOUT the facts
And - most important - the "why" of why you need to know the difference, and why you need to know what you "are" most of the time is because:_____________fill the blank 

So while you thinking about this very important questions:-) take a look at my new painting.
 I'm starting formatting my painting by the themes. One of 'em I called  ”Fair seas and following winds”
So here is painting from this series "Light Breeze" , oil on linen, 8x 10  SOLD ! Thank you Matt:-)

It's for sale here : 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Sherman Road " oil on linen , 8x10

Here is a second of my 3 paintings from Plein Air Open 2012 on Whidbey Island. It was an incredible trip, not just because the weather was exquisitely perfect, I meet so many fantastic artists with 2 of them I developed a deep connection and  feel like they are my "Art" sisters . Thank you Jeanne Edwards and Vallerie Collymore - my sweet friends forever !
This piece is for sale :

Thank you for reading my blog!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

" Dancing Shadows" 12"x12" oil on linen board SOLD

That is one of the pieces I painted on Plein Air Open 2012 on Whidbey Island.
It's already SOLD! WooHoo

Monday, August 13, 2012

"Plein Air Painters" U.S open 2012

Tomorrow leaving for “PLEIN AIR PAINTERS’ U.S. OPEN 2012″
2012 Plein Air Painters’ Collectors’ Show, Private BBQ August 18
Pacific Northwest Art School, Whidbey Island, WA 
Wish me luck ! And see you in a week!
Friday's class is on as scheduled:-)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Show in Russian Cultural Center

It was, so to say "interesting experience" as a show attendance was so low due to great weather , we had literally 2 and half visitors , each of them bough my painting . So I sold 2 pieces .The show runs only three days - Today is a last chance to see my new pieces. If you in Seattle , please stop by to say  "hi"
Russian Cultural Center - 704 19th Avenue East  Seattle, WA 98112

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"COLORFUL RIDE" 15'x15' oil on board

And so...A New , beautiful day brought a new painting which I'm very happy with. I knew  that doubts are only normal for creative soul and hard working artist :-)

I'm ready to share more insights on color mixing Russian way. I think it's a  great title for a workshop :-)

There is not secret that for the last 2 years I probably took at least 20 workshops with the best living  Talents . Some of them are simply outstanding modern  American Artists and National Treasures ,  but not good teachers, in fact many of them just have been silently painting, while we all were watching them , trying to comprehend the process and made sense of how to apply all this visual information to own creative needs. But one individual basically turned my whole artistic soul into direction so natural and native for me! A Russian/Armenian artist which name I won't mention as he is extremely private.
He didn't really talk to much, but his vision and painting style was a pure magic! Since applying his principals to my creative process  I became more happy with my art. I wish I could go and study with him for the whole year. And may be I will one day, but now I'm on the mission to completely submerged  to and  teach those principals to my students. His work is soul and heart of REAL Russian Impressionism.  Just a few of his principals are :

Initially blocking  in  colors using a strong primary or secondary hue which is two steps darker than what we would ultimately want to end up with.  From my understanding from the beginning we are not really worry about  establishing value relationships . We simply applying   high chroma  thin washes with a limited value range without using a white. Please note,  if you must to indicate a large light  passage, say, clouds in the sky, or a white table cloth in a still life, his approach was to first substitute ochre for that white, knowing he would return to the passage in question during the finish and lay a cool or warm white on top. He painting all his values darker using  grays for the darks , and then raising them up, made all the color rich and beautiful.
 Hold back  lightest  lights and white of a  ground until the last minute . And using a thin wash to tint it a specific hue early on if it becomes necessary. This isn't all that different from the idea of laying in an ochre,  just reserv the white area for a later finish. Leave the lighter areas untainted by white paint as we work out  mid- to lower value relationships so we don't have to contend with errant white getting into those darker passages. And when the darker values are established then he  mixes in white as necessary, working up from the mid-values towards highlights, which usually become the thickest of all. This was a common approach used back in the 19th century. Perhaps not so much now, but certainly back then. So, the painting will have transparent darks, semi-opaque mid-values, and opaque lights. it's better do in one setting " alla prima", for the most part. All of the above is consistent with " Compressed Values" term! That was my Lesson 5 subject!  Here you can see the step by step process I just described . Note - No Pure White Applied to this particular painting !!!

and.. the  final result : it's for sale : $ 500.00 and free shipping as always :-)


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Lavender Farm" oil on canvas, 12x12

An interesting phenomenon, the more I paint the less satisfied I'm with my art. I hope it's temporary.
And even if not, I won't give up! No! I know any negative thoughts or sensations will pass, and peacefulness will set . It's just between two classes, the show, new exciting project and personal matters juggling, things got little complicated.  
Anyway this week is going to be extremely busy, as the preparation for the show starting tomorrow.
I don't think I will be able to paint much, as I need to do lot's of framing . It's 3 o'clock in the morning , and tomorrow is another busy day. Happy Painting everyone!  

"Lavender Farm" 12x12 oil on canvas - : $ 300.00

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Every stroke counts...

One of 3 simples steps on the road of improving your paintings are:
1.Using lot's of paint . I meant it. Lots . This not only will make your painting look more mature, but it will make YOU happier.Trust me ! So give me a favor and buy large tubes of paint.
2. Making every brush stroke count - literally. Imagine you are laying  bricks - Brick is your stroke.
Lay a brick after brick , stroke after stroke - leave every stroke alone - leave an integrity of every stroke visible .
3. Making assertive, deliberate and bold strokes with brush full of paint
All three tricks will take time and discipline to develop - but it worth it!

Here is the painting wich illustrates this statement. I liked this piece , and it was sold immediately after hanging it on the gallery wall