Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Light Breeze" SOLD

From Mari-Lyn Harris: 
Are you a Reporter or a Poet?
And... why do you need to know?
The simple definition is:
  • A reporter states the facts
  • A poet shares her feelings ABOUT the facts
And - most important - the "why" of why you need to know the difference, and why you need to know what you "are" most of the time is because:_____________fill the blank 

So while you thinking about this very important questions:-) take a look at my new painting.
 I'm starting formatting my painting by the themes. One of 'em I called  ”Fair seas and following winds”
So here is painting from this series "Light Breeze" , oil on linen, 8x 10  SOLD ! Thank you Matt:-)

It's for sale here : 

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