Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latest drawings

Those drawings/sketches sessions took place  at GAGE and AE Gallery .

" Polka Dots"

I painted this small piece  in 2,5 hours  and had lot's of fun with it. I like such approach - a prompt, fresh  execution with open colors of limited pallet and bold strokes .
10x10 , oil/linen $150.00
Free shipping , accepting all major credit cards, checks, cash

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Ice Bucket"

The photo can't justify the real color unfortunately ....I did this painting about 6 month ago, and finished in a couple of hours ..it was real fun to start  with a larger brush and stay almost abstract for as "long' as possible ....
Oil/board, 11x14 , framed
Price is 300$
Free shipping


Series of drawings

Two models short poses
Short poses - 25 minutes
Visit to Port Townsend
Port Townsend farm

Second and third session of 9 weeks pose (GAGE)

A Second session (Never mind a breast enhancement :-)
A third session- The color of background is still blue , the photo
changed it strangely  

"Tender Touch"

 I tried to recycle the canvas, and painted those mangoes on the Turner-like  painted sky. I'm not very pleased with the result , but you'll be the  judge  :-)
So, it's oil/board 11X14
Price - $100
Free shipping.
I accept all major cards, checks, PayPal