Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 45.."Golden Gardens"

Yeeeaay- The first plein air session and a class of the season! We really enjoyed it. The weather in Seattle  is spectacular and we have so many amazing parks to paint.
This one painted in Golden Gardens , in Ballard ...Luckily I live 2 miles aways :)))

"Golden Gardens" oil on linen, 9x12 

Day 44.."Peachy"

A lovely little piece, depicting fruits I eat daily ( I"m 80% fruitarian ) The whole point of this painting is a composition with the extreme bird eye view ...I like this contemporary, modern approach to composition. All close ups has an abstract quality to it.
"Peachy" oil on linen, 6x6

Friday, February 20, 2015

BoldBrush competition FAV15%

How did I miss it? My paintings was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in three consecutive months on BoldBrush Painting competition. It's an honor, and means that I might be featured inhttp://informedcollector.com in the coming months. Really happy about that!

"Evening Tea' oil on linen, 8x8 SOLD

Day 43 .."Orange Haze"

This is another demo for my class and another difficult harmony. I had an interesting and intense class of my own yesterday. So I set up a pretty advanced still life, in colors and values, like the one I've just finished. All my students work really hard and show phenomenal progress. They work on overcoming their fears and insecurities and they always create something beautiful! Maybe I'm pushing them too far?.. Not all of them will ever be professional artists and some of them don't have any intention of being. But I keep pushing them a little further each week. Trying to teach them to see and analyse and then apply that knowledge to their canvases. Often, students don't realize how much mental and physical work, there is in painting. The pace of painting daily puts you in the right mindset and that's when you start to see great advances in your own development
We often discuss a safety tips and exchanging ideas about less toxic materials we can use. Here is a great read , and I"m ordering that stuff right now:)

"Orange Haze" oil on linen, 8x10

And here where you can find the "stuff" :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 42.."Red Silk"

I have about 4 larger paintings on my easel ....It's like I paint non stop but don't have anything to show for 4 days. Well today, I finally had a quick, 3 hours , alla prima portrait of a beautiful  daughter of my fellow artist Fong Baaz, finished.  To finish painting in one setting is biggest thrill. I can never achieve the freshness and immediacy painting for weeks. But of course, I will always try..
So here it is " Red Silk" oil on linen, 16x20
"Red Silk" oil on linen, 16x20 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 41.."English Tea form Cherington"

A demo for my Ballard class. I painted this with a good friend in mind, who actually lives in Cherrington :)) 
"English Tea from Cherrington" oil on linen, 8x10

Day 40 .."Retired"

Is the Valentines day over yet? Yes? Ohh good!!!
Of course,  I'm so grateful to have all those beautiful people in my life who showers me with Love, care and attention on Valentines day( especially one) , but  aftermath, of this emotionally elevated celebration, is not always that pretty ..I'm having a difficult day today and lowest energy in months...
Having troubles even to meditate ...On the brighter side, it's a gorgeous day, here is Seattle. We are stepping into a Spring, and nothing can overshadow that Glory !

"Retired" oil on linen, 8x10 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 39.."Your Flowers"

I accidently left out one of my daily paintings - The one I've been painted for almost a week, because of the size. The one that has an emotional significance, because I received it from my friend from UK on the day, when my Dad had a stroke, and I was so sad and frustrated...All of sudden those gorgeous flowers appeared at my door. It' was such a timely offering, that I cried. Another case of serendipity ? May be ...One thing for sure, I will never forget this.....
I finished  this painting before the "The Salt Creek",  so technically it was # 37..Oh well ...it's too late to change the order.
"Your Flowers' oil on board, 12x16

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 38, "Caballero II"

Panting animals is very satisfying and rewarding thing for me - connecting to the essence of the creature, seeing the soul and challenge to express all of the above is spiritual and meditative .
I just realised, that notion applies to anything I pant, actually. A flower, a mountain, a beautiful child..
"Caballero" oil on canvas, 12x16 

Day 37, "Salt Creek Revisited"

Soo..where were we? Yes, day 37, or rather painting # 37 as I missed a couple of days due to really busy shipping season. NO complains here..MOre shipping equals happy customers who will receive their paintings in time. My airb&b is also started to get busy, a very great online platform for advanced travellers. Check it out, who knows , you might book your next vacation in Paris :)

"Salt Creek revisited" oil on linen, 9x12 - available 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 35..Blooming Lake

Lake Washington in lilies  bloom. One of my favorite spots to walk and paint when the Summer visits Seattle ....
"Blooming Lake" oil on linen, 9x12 

Day 36 "Patron"

I set up this still life for my class at Arts Umbrella , this week I did the demo ..Boy, that was a challenging painting ..A very high key, with little to none contrast and very subtle shifts in temperature...Now I know what my students going through with me :)

"Patron" oil on linen, 8x8

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 34 - "Healing Rain"

Dear Friends, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your overwhelming stream of emotional support, good wishes, love and care!!!! Thank you also to those who have bought my paintings, sent donations, flowers, called, visited  and are still bidding …I will make it up to all of you!!!

I just want to give you all an update of the situation regarding my Dad. There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that although I am an American citizen and I have an American travelers passport, things are not so easy. I had thought I could just buy the visa, ticket and be on my way to see and take care of my parents....."Not so fast" said the Russian Consulate in Seattle. Turns out, that according to a new law, I can't enter Russia with any other documentation other than a Russian passport (which expired years ago). All because I have dual citizenship. I can't obtain a visa without the Russian Passport. So I immediately applied for one.... Guess how long it's going to take to obtain it? 6-12 months!!! So for the time being I shall have to stay here and keep hoping for the best.

The Good news is I have been able to hire a Caregiver for both of my parents, while I'm waiting for the passport. So I will at least have some piece of mind that someone is regularly visiting them and helping them day to day. My Dad, even though is still very ill in hospital is responding well to treatment and won't need any surgery!!! All your prayers, love and healing energy REALLY WORKED!!!! Thank you all so much!!!

All my commitments, obligations, classes, meetings , painting shipping will take place as scheduled.

"Healing Rain" oil on board, 10x10 

Monday, February 2, 2015

There is Hope..Day 33

Dear Friends I've received some devastating news from Russia - My Dad had a stroke last night and is seriously ill in hospital :( I'm leaving for Russia as soon as I can, to take care of him and support my poor Mom. I would greatly appreciate all positive thoughts, healing energy, prayers or any other help you feel you can give. His name is Anatoly and I love him with all my heart. To help raise the funds I need for my journey I am holding an auction of 10 of my favorite paintings. Here is the link if you would care to take a look and maybe place a bid...

This is today's painting called "There is Hope" …sadly, it will be my last for a while ……..
 Love to you all and thank you for your support.

"There is a Hope" oil on linen, 9x12 



Sunday, February 1, 2015

Painting 32.."Premonition of Spring"

It's just February, but here, in Seattle, it's time of Nature awakening...There is a spring in the air..Aroma of wet soil, and new evergreens..
Premonition of spring, of new sensations, premonition of Love....  

"Premonition of Spring" oil on canvas, 9x12