Friday, May 31, 2013

"Foreseeing a new garden projet "

This little fun piece I painted just to get away from piles of plein air studies of hills, rocks, and greenery :-) So i just wanted to have ad some flowers and humor to my daily painting routine
"Foreseeing a new graden project"
oil on canvas ,


I don't know one single artist who wouldn't take reference photos and later use those for touch ups .
I've heard of such, but sincerely think it's more like an urban legend.  I'm not an exception and  use lot's of reference photos , and sometimes I paint entirely form the photo.
 Let's assume a best case scenario and that you own a good camera . Even though it will give you decent quality photos , it still will never fully transfer  the true colores - So here is the little trick without getting deep into Photoshoping
Open your photo in any preview or editing programs and adjust it to make it significantly warmer and lighter..And I mean lighter! Try to print a large photo - you can see all the gorgeous colors in those shadows.
Anyway , here is an example of a plein air studies, with a studio touch ups .
"The Horsthief Lake" 9x12, oil on linen

"River Bank" 9x12 oil on linen
"Mount Baker" oil on linen , 8x10

'Columbia" oil on linen , 10x10
Please contact me for the prices - thank you :)

Friday, May 24, 2013


For all of you who sent requests and asked where you can see my art in person, here is the Summer 2013 shows schedule :
June 1-8 , Seaside Gallery Invitational Plein Air Artists Show in  La Conner, WA
June 15-30 , Vernissage Gallery of Russian Cultural Center , Seattle , WA
July 13- September 13 - "Habitude" Salon and Spa in Ballard, Seattle
I have my pieces permanently on display  at Kronos, Vashon Island and Vernissage Gallery of Russian Cultural Center . Hope to see you at once of those venues !

The bottom line is....

The spring was very eventful with  great paint outs (the best so war), perspective  plans for future  classes,  private circumstances leaded to a few serious decisions ( very right ones) and smart,  much needed, art business steps .
I'm happy to report that Gorge trip resulted in few  successful paintings, with one has been  already sold. The rest of it is going to Seaside Gallery Invitation Show in La Conner.
My romantic fevers  are curing pretty fast this days, injecting my creativity , enhancing  experience and giving me a deeper understanding of my own needs.
 Every "paint out", or "paint in" bring more friends into my life and more  students.
 It feels like economy is turning around a bit , since I sold 4 pieces this month.
 I feel that, in the midst of this crazy busy creative and personal  life, 3 things are never failed me : Meditation,  Artistic Impuls, and Friends. What else can I ask for? :)))

The Gorge Paint out was incredible, relaxing and fun. Also a great experience on how to make a compositional  decision quick while  fighting a wind. And, of course,  importance of a good, understanding, supportive company of  painting buddies .
There were many open vistas, valleys, endless hills and mountain ranges. It's a personal choice how to treat the design. For myself, I realized I need to stop cutting the composition and painting close ups.

Cle Elum trip conclusion is never underestimate the weather forecast :) Always have a set of thermals and a good wind-braker in your car.  And second - prepare your canvases right!!!!
I'm good at giving this advise to my students, but failing at it myself sometime. This time,  I had several canvases with me, which I forgot to sand and put 3rd layer of gesso - the result you will never see, as it's a disastrous painting and complete waste of 3 hours of precious time

So here are several studies I like, all of it you can see at La Conner Seaside Gallery invitational show.
"Six o'clock Sky" oil on linen board, 9x12 - SOLD!

"Quiet Noon" oil on linen, 9x12 
"Teanaway" oil on linen , 8x10

"Columbia bank" oil on linen , 9x12
"Iron Horse Park" oil on linen , 9x12

"Murmur of the Creek" oil on linen, 9x12
"Chasing the Light" oil on linen, 16x20 SOLD

Rising Waters - oil on board , 9x12 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Shabby chic" oil on canvas board, 11x14

I ve got this huge bunch of yellow and violet tulips and feel like Im obsessed with it :-) The complimentary colors are good enough to eat :-) So I just finished one piece and thinking of starting another :-)
Here it is "Shabby chic" - it's for sale $ 400.00 - free shipping to anywhere, as always :)

"Shabby Chic"