Friday, October 17, 2014

"Chasing Shadow"

Finally and officially the deadline  for the Gift of Water Show has passed. I managed to enter 2 pairs of plein air study and studio paintings. Some artists are feeling hesitant to post the images of their work before being accepted , but not me. Regardless of the result or outcome of the jury process, Im happy and proud about what I painted, so here it is. My entries to the American Art company juried show "The Gift of Water"
"Chasing Shadow" oil on linen, 23x34

"Cranberry Lake" oil on linen, 23x30

Monday, October 13, 2014


It’s amazing how one’s dreams, goals and priorities change, sometimes over night, sometimes over extended periods of time, with the help of “connectors” 
I have a few “connectors” and I’m so very lucky to call them my closest friends.

I’ve been always heavily involved with Art. I knew I was born an artist. This realization came to me when I was around 3. Drawing, painting and reading became my La-la-land, my perfect reality inside a very happy childhood. I remember a burning anticipation of  diving into a new book ( I started read at age 4) , or returning to my sketch book to lose myself in imaginary realm. Many years, cities, events, relationships  later, I‘ve returned to my roots. I’m so passionate about painting and drawing, that I call it a Love Affair with my easel.
And as in any intense relationship, my relationship with Art has its own ups and downs. Mostly ups, high ups. I wake up full of ideas I want to try out in my next painting or in the class I teach.
My Yoga and meditation actually fuel my hunger for creating  even more. 
 I know I will never quench that thirst for creativity, and that flame will never be  extinguished .
 I’m grateful that the Universe has been so generous with me...I’m so grateful to be living a dream!!!

This little lyrical digression has nothing to do with the subject of the post..It is  actually will be about warm/cool colors on your palette. Is this subject charged with confusion, misconception and trust issues?
“Is Ultramarine blue is cold ? Is Pthalo blue is warm “. This discussion has been brewing for  a decade. Here is my 5 cents worth to contribute to this life long debate.
It has started to bother me that many, very trusted artists seem  to have an opposite point of view. Why? Why can’t they see such an obvious thing? The answer might lie in the specifics of the vision of each individual. I got into a discussion on one of the artists blogs about the topic, and David Briggs, who is a great artist  himself and did lot's of research on it, politically correctly suggested,  that "colors are created by the human visual system and are not actually "in" the spectrum. Most commonly warmth is associated with both redness and yellowness, but for substantial minorities it is associated with just redness or just yellowness. If it's impossible to come up with an agreed definition, perhaps it's best to drop the idea as a way of describing hue, and just say reddish blue vs greenish blue, " I STILL don't buy it!
I’m going to give you my opinion on the subject , and want to reassure you that it’s my STRONG belief and nothing can change it.
 My theory is backed up by many geniuses in the  Art world. 
 Every color on your palette  has a second color in it - For example Yellow Lemon is cooler then Yellow dark because it appeares more bluish versus yellow dark which appears reddish.
I think no one will argue with this, right? Cad red light is warmer than Alizarin because it has  yellow in it versus  the blue in the Alizarin. Agree? Good....It’s obvious, that Sap green is warm, due to an yellow in it, versus Veridian which contains  blue. for the Blues - Ultramarine is COOLER due to the red in it, versus Pthalo containing  yellow. One can exclaim - "wait a minute, the  red is hot warm!"  So here is the last question for you: “ what is warmer Red or Yellow?” And, folks, obvious answer is the key to this life long discussion! I rest my case! :)
Here is my Art I try to prove that theory with painting every day ;)
"Giants over La Conner" oil on linen, 18x24  - 1200$


"Magnuson Majestic" oil on linen, 20x20  -1200$

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Paint the Peninsula"

What a honor to be able to compete with all those incredible artists during the "Paint The Peninsula" plain air invitational. Ned Mueller, Eric Jacobsen, Jane Wallis, Robin Weiss, Kate Sowa and many many others, whose art work would just blow me away. In my opinion, and the juror, my representation  and body of work looked adequate and sufficient. Receiving the ribbon made this experience even more pleasant. Honorable mention award was a sweet cherrie on the cake of excellently organized event and brought some serious excitement. But the most important thing was experiencing that rush, emotional pick, union of Art, Nature and Friendship. Meeting old friends, making new ones and getting know fantastic artists and soulful people, what can be better?
A few notes and tips on painting outside, in the nature. First, I finally learned that linen panels I make myself, using "claessens linen" is the absolute best! My winning piece, which I painted first on the first day of paint was painted on such panel and it felt so easy. I couldn't attain that sensation with any other panels or canvases. Number two - avoid painting a brightly sunlit scene if you are in the deep shade, and you don't have an ambient light around you. Note, it doesn't concern  umbrellas - you still can use it successfully without painting your piece too dark.
Here is my little collection submitted to the jury of Plein air invitational "Paint The Peninsula 2014"
All the pieces are for sale, by very reasonable price - Shipping is free, as always!

"Showing Off" oil on linen, 8x8 $ SOLD

"Peaceful Court" painting from quick draw competition , $ 250.00

Quiet Morning on the Marsh"  $ 650.00


"Morning Light" oil on linen, 9x12, $ 350.00

Friday, August 8, 2014


It's been another great workshop and paint-out. This time in Anacortes, WA
I  love teaching to small groups.  My loyal students, I called them My Art Musketeers -a hard working, dedicated, talented bunch. After a few days in Anacortes we went to paint at Mount Baker. This majestic landscape tears me up. While we were approaching the Artist Point, the mountain started reveal all its magnificence. The Union of Art and Nature is my biggest passion. Painting Nature in any giving form is the Purpose of life. Here is the first painting from the paint out.

"Red Canoe" oil on linen, 12x16

Friday, August 1, 2014


Last weekend we went to Olympic Peninsula, where I always find an inspiration, peace and tranquility.
I feel like I need it lately..Don't we all ...Port Angeles and Sequim have a special place in my heart, not only because its Majestic Nature, but also sentimental memories of my late husband Chris and personal emotional connection. The weather was perfect, lavender fields spectacular and my favorite spot  at Salt Creek has a perfect little cozy corner for me to set up my easel, although it was really crowded .
I have an urge to paint more outside, as I'm definitely developing allergy to gamzol. I decided to ban gamzol from my private/home studio and switching to oil for cleaning my brushes. But what about colorful washes or underpainting I heavily use in my work, with runny, very transparent texture, you would ask. The answer is acrylic - those transparent, bright washes could be successfully created with acrylic.
So here are two pieces from the weekend paint out.
"Purple Haze" oil on linen, 12x16 - 450.00

"Salt Creek" oil on linen, 12x16- 450.00

Friday, July 18, 2014


"Monumental" oil on linen, 12x12 - $350.00

I have to admit that I barely can keep up with all the events, changes and dynamic of my life on the  blog on a consistent base. And mainly because Facebook gives a quicker and more fulfilling feedback on the posts and updates. I still love to share knowledge, artists tips and professional information with my students and followers. Occasionally I share my personal news :)
But today I want to talk about design and composition, about the importance of golden ratio
It's all boiling to design. Your painting simply wont work if the in- build design is off.
I'm sure you all have heard of Golden Ration or Divine proportion. Ironically 95% of artists, including me, coming to understanding of significance of it, only after we painting long enough to polish the paint application and mastering the technique.  I've heard of Golden Ration since I was a teen, attending the art school.
And of course I studied that Leonardo Da Vinci has long been associated with the golden ratio. Da Vinci created the illustrations for the book “De Divina Proportione” (The Divine Proportion) by Luca Pacioli. It was written in about 1497 and first published in 1509. Pacioli was a contemporary of Da Vinci’s, and the book contains dozens of beautiful illustrations of three-dimensional geometric solids and templates for script letters in calligraphy. The original manuscript can be viewed online at It was first translated into English in 2007.
What is a PHI ( or golden ratio)?  Read here:

It's fascinating and, much needed for all artist, knowledge ,


Sincerely Emiliya

Monday, July 14, 2014

"CHASING SHADOW" oil on linen

Oil  sketch and a demo I did for my Cle Elum workshop and paint out . And as all of my plein air and studio work,  it's for sale. Exclusively on-line here, on my blog. Free shipping in USA

Chasing Shadow - oil on line, 12x12 - $350.00