Friday, July 18, 2014


"Monumental" oil on linen, 12x12 - $350.00

I have to admit that I barely can keep up with all the events, changes and dynamic of my life on the  blog on a consistent base. And mainly because Facebook gives a quicker and more fulfilling feedback on the posts and updates. I still love to share knowledge, artists tips and professional information with my students and followers. Occasionally I share my personal news :)
But today I want to talk about design and composition, about the importance of golden ratio
It's all boiling to design. Your painting simply wont work if the in- build design is off.
I'm sure you all have heard of Golden Ration or Divine proportion. Ironically 95% of artists, including me, coming to understanding of significance of it, only after we painting long enough to polish the paint application and mastering the technique.  I've heard of Golden Ration since I was a teen, attending the art school.
And of course I studied that Leonardo Da Vinci has long been associated with the golden ratio. Da Vinci created the illustrations for the book “De Divina Proportione” (The Divine Proportion) by Luca Pacioli. It was written in about 1497 and first published in 1509. Pacioli was a contemporary of Da Vinci’s, and the book contains dozens of beautiful illustrations of three-dimensional geometric solids and templates for script letters in calligraphy. The original manuscript can be viewed online at It was first translated into English in 2007.
What is a PHI ( or golden ratio)?  Read here:

It's fascinating and, much needed for all artist, knowledge ,


Sincerely Emiliya

Monday, July 14, 2014

"CHASING SHADOW" oil on linen

Oil  sketch and a demo I did for my Cle Elum workshop and paint out . And as all of my plein air and studio work,  it's for sale. Exclusively on-line here, on my blog. Free shipping in USA

Chasing Shadow - oil on line, 12x12 - $350.00


Here are more pieces from the last paint out in Cle Elum. Enjoy!

"Rocks Study" 12x12 on linen

"Teanaway Road" oil on linen, 12x9

"Salmon La Sack" oil on linen , 9x12

"River Dance" oil on linen 11x14


"Welcome to Roslin" is a title of my new plein air piece, which received a Best in Show cash award at the 6th Annual Fresh Air Festival in Cle Elum/Roslin - Both of my award pieces are for sale. Free shipping in the USA as always .

"Welcome to Roslin"oil on linen, 11x14 - $650

What a fun, exciting  and fruitful plein air expedition we had: a week of painting open fields, river rifts, and green miles. In addition, we all participated in an artist competition that was part of the Fresh Air art festival and took a workshop with Ned Mueller.  I also provided a three-day workshop to my students. 

I am particularly pleased to announce that two of my plein air paintings  received cash-prize awards: "Six o'clock Sky" received a second place and "Welcome to Roslin" won Best in Show.  Moreover, my talented student Peggy Dare collected about four different awards.

As an artist who is totally obsessed with the subject and beauty of the surrounding nature, I sometimes forget about comfort and paint like mad, rain or shine.  However, as an educator and art instructor my main rule "Safety and Comfort" for my students is the number one priority:

First we locate the shade or shelter 
        Second we locate the restrooms
Third we find the spot to paint

In addition to the beauty of the surroundings, safety and comfort was one of the reasons I took my dedicated group of painters  to Salmon La Sack park.  Even in 100- degree heat, we were able to paint under the shadow of old trees, while enjoying a cool river breeze.  As my student Jackie called it,  a "Spa experience of a Plein Air" - I'm all up for it!

"6 O'clock Sky" oil on linen, 12x9 - $550
That's what Jackie called a "Spa experience of Plein Air "