Monday, November 28, 2016


Commission an unique piece of art today, and you will have a timeless family heirloom to cherish it for generations !
You can ask me to paint portrait, figure, pets, landscape or others.
 Commissioned oil painting  can capture emotions, likeness and features people you love, celebrate the beauty of a special relationship, or honor one's lifetime work.

There are three ways to create a commissioned painting.

1. Call or email to discuss your vision for the painting and talk about size, number of subjects, clothing ( if it's a portrait) background elements  as well as the time frame for the painting. The painting commission fee will be based on these elements and will be discussed and agreed upon at this time. You should also know where you want your portrait to be displayed, as this is crucial when deciding on a size. 

2. Although I prefer to have an initial 3 hours from life sitting , but I can also work either from your own photos ( at least 6 high quality, color, digital photos)  or my photos of the model  
I'm collaborating with acclaimed, talented, young photoartist Heleyna Holmes, her photos are true art by itself and a perfect  reference for a successful painting commission.

However, live sittings are strongly recommended, as they produce the best results.
If you wish to sit for 3 initial hours for portrait I will try to make  process exciting and enjoyable in order to creating the perfect painting. The end result will be a  work of art  combined your original vision with the artist's unique style and execution.  

3.  At the initial sitting,over email or phone call  the client will sign a portrait commission contract and submit a deposit of 20 % of the painting fee. I will gladly accommodate your budget, so if you  prefer, a payment plan can be created.

4. I will create a mock-up photoshop of the portrait composition for your approval and will send via email.

5. Once the image approval received I will begin the painting, using the finest paints and materials to ensure that the portrait will be of heirloom quality. I work on Belgian portrait linen for a smoother working surface, and using only oil paints that have a proven lightfastness to stand the test of time.
6. I will email pictures of my progress, and will keep you update throughout the process.

7. Except for quick sketches, small portraits, landscapes and pet portraits which are completed from 3 hours to one week, a large portrait commission  takes 3-5 months to complete depending on their complexity. The artist will send a digital photo to the client to confirm the completion of the portrait. The remainder of the portrait fee is due upon delivery.

8 If desired, I  will frame and ship at cost.

Pricing :
3 Hour sketch portrait from Life :
11x14 - $500
12x16 -$600
20x16- $800

Prices out of studio or on location :
11 x 14 is $800
 12 x 16 is $1000
Prices subject to WA state sales tax

Long term portraits from life and photographs:

Prices are based upon size and complexity. 
Size(inches)     Personal Portraits**       Pet Portraits**
                          Based on 1 person         Based on 1 pet
9x12                           -                              $400
10x8                                                          $500
12x12 .                  $ 600 .                        $ 550
12x16                    $800                           $600
14x18                    $900                           $650
16x20                    $1000                         $700
18x24                    $1200                          $800
20x24                    $1800                          $900
22x28                    $2000                          $1200
24x30                    $2500                          $1500
30x40                    $3000                          $2000
**add $200 for each additional pet, and add $500 for each additional person
Other sizes available upon request
Prices subject to WA state sales tax.  Framing, taxes, shipping & handling are not included in the 
 Pet Portraits based on photos $500- $ 2000


Commissioned portraits from life session painting 
$ 600- $ 3000 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thoughts on composition ...

Composition is the single most important  thing in Art..Before anything else ....before even values...before colors ...There is an idea , design, hence composition...
We all started with the simplest thing: still life ..I found an interesting analysis by Will kemp.
Keep in mind, he is talking about just one approach, classical , or "worm eye view" and somehow forgot to mention other style of composition like "bird eye view with a very modern, contemporary, close-up idea. Anyway, you can see it for yourself. It's still a great, very informative article..

Are You Making Any of These 7 Compositional Mistakes with Your Still life Paintings?


Saturday, September 24, 2016

An Interesting info for acrylic painters

I just read a very interesting article by James Gurney..As an oil painter using acrylic underpainting and using more and more acrylic in my work, this is a good question to ask ....

Are Acrylics and Other Plastics Decaying?

Acrylics and other plastics are disintegrating, and that's causing a problem for museum conservators.

Everything from space suits to crash test dummies to acrylic paintings by Andy Warhol are showing signs of degradation after as few as two or three decades.

Yvonne Shashoua with a 1970s-era crash-test dummy
that is leaking plasticizer
"Plastic objects are among the most vulnerable found in museums and galleries,” says Matija Strlič, a chemist at the Centre for Sustainable Heritage at University College London.

Depending on how the plastic was formulated, it might discolor, bleach, form a scaly crust, give off foul-smelling gases, leach out acid or sticky liquids, turn to goo, or become brittle and cracked.

According to the April, 2016 issue of Scientific American magazine, exposure to oxygen or ultraviolet light removes the electrons that bind the larger molecules of plastics together.

Lisa Young restores Neil Armstrong's spacesuit (source)
Astronauts' space suits are composed of a variety of materials, including unstable plastics. A New York Times article quoted conservator Mary T. Baker as saying: ''None of these suits will ultimately survive,.' ''In 500 years, there will be the Mona Lisa. But there will not be an Apollo spacesuit.''

Many plastics are composed of a complex mixture of dyes, stabilizers, surfactants, plasticizers, and antioxidants. Those ingredients can affect how the material behaves over time and what should be done to try to stabilize it. Unfortunately, the actual composition of many plastics are not known because the manufacturers kept them secret.

The plastics most prone to degradation are:
• PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC was used in crash test dummies, which are now weeping fake blood into display cases.
• Polyurethane, an ingredient in panty hose and sponges.
• Polyethylene (HDPE or high-density polyethylene). People who have stored water in old milk jugs may have noticed that they will spontaneously rupture.
• Cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate. Cellulose was one of the first synthetic polymers, and was used extensively in making motion picture and photography stock. Cellulose is flammable, and it degrades "malignantly," meaning it releases nitric acid and toxic vapors as it breaks down, and the acid can corrode adjacent materials. Conservators have become adept at recognizing chemical changes through telltale smells.
• Acrylic polymers, used by artists such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, and Mark Rothko since the paints were introduced in the 1940s as a more permanent alternative to oil paints.

Andromeda, 1962, acrylic, by Andrew Liberman
suffers from a whitish bloom
Using water to clean an acrylic painting can be risky as it can make the paint swell and lead to surface losses, according to a conservation scientist for the Tate museum.
[Edit March 24: Please see the comments after this post, where Mark Golden of Golden Acrylics argues that modern acrylics do not suffer any longevity or stability issues.]

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My workshop announcement

Hi guys, finally announcing my Master classes!
 I will be teaching a workshop " Color mixing Russian Style" in Cle Elum WA in September and Bremerton  island WA in March.
My specialty is plein air painting with a very limited palette of 4 colors plus white. Please contact me asap to sign up, as we only have few spots available at both locations. Thank you :)))
Date are : September 30, October 1,2 2016 - The fall colors of local wildlife in Cle Elum are spectacular !

"Beaver Pond" oil on linen board 12x12

"Storm is coming" oil on linen board, 12x16

Abstracting the Figure ...

 I was very fortunate to take a workshop with Liana Bennett this past weekend. The creative energy, impulse to learn, and power of inspiration was running high...I barely could contain myself and didn't sleep  all weekend :)
 This fantastic master class opened up endless possibilities of a shift towards abstract. I always loved Abstract art and was so ready to learn some principles. Also painting with  acrylic is also allowed me to try different texture, painting tools and uncommon process...  Liana, a very generous teacher and wonderful human being, she gave us 100 % of her attention and knowledge.. Here are some examples of that very fruitful weekend:)
"Three Sisters" acrylic on canvas , 12x16

"Stargazers" acrylic on canvas 12x16

"Parisienne" mix media on canvas 

"Pierrot" mix media on canvas 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

MY WORKSHOPS and Classes


My  workshops, master classes and on-going classes on understanding notan, composition, color mixing and how to mix colors from a very limited palette of 4 colors. This my very own limited palette can cover all your creative needs - Plein Air, Still Life or Portraits paintings
Cost efficient, time efficient, weight efficient - what can be better then to lighten your painting gear for 10 or more pounds...On- going classes will be focusing on learning HOW to see , what you want to paint, understanding values, and paint application techniques. Here is the link for payments ..
Thank you !


Monday, April 25, 2016

New Paintings

As you all have probably noticed and as my mentor Elena Goubar mentioned "Slowly but surely" I continue to develop my new style with a deeper narrative and story, that more people can relate to. Despite, how much I love to paint emotionally charged portraits and strong characters, it's not finding the right response in the practical world of the art market and sales. I'm struggling with stepping out of my comfort zone and breaking some rules. Yes, it's painful and yes, it's scary but as I always preach "that's exactly where transformation begins". None of us like to hear critique and accusation in commercializing our art. Artists, public, friends and students will always have opinions based on their own experience, education and level of openness. I will continue braving the weather, searching for my own voice, no matter what.
So here two new pieces, and I have about 5 in the making :)

Seattle Native - oil on canvas, 30x30 

Memory Lane , oil on canvas 30x03 

Start collecting Art!

I just stumbled up a great article, with a good , reasonable tips on how to buy art. That subject is close to my heart, as I've been collecting for about 10 years. So here is the article. Enjoy!

Starting a fine art collection can be daunting; it’s important to invest time understanding what you like, plan to spend wisely, and figure out placement in your home.
Celine Rabago, Fine Arts Consultant at Pacific Galleries and Auction House, has been in the art sphere for over a decade. She shared with us the most vital tips for budding collectors, and the one secret that all art collectors should know.

Let’s say I want to start collecting fine art for my home. Where do I start?
Celine Rabago: Visit galleries, museums, and auctions, and read art books for styles, artists, or art movements that you are personally attracted to. Then find places that offer that type of art, whether it’s a gallery, an auction house or live auction platform, or the artists directly.
In the end, finding your own personal style and preference is what matters the most. Understand that while some art does appreciate in value, this is not true of all art. Collect what you love.
How can I be sure to stay within a budget?
Read more here:

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Further development ..

So.. what I'm talking about here? What kind of development? A style , of course ..Our own voice ..
Without trying, painting daily and pushing the paint, you simply won't find your own tune....Looking at my students and painting buddies work, I can immediately recognize, who is into an own "jazz" and who is mimicking, or endlessly coping the art of original artists. And if you coping or stealing the elements or entire subject matter,  one good advise, have been already given before me:  'Steal as an Artist"!!!  :))   So yes, we all influenced tremendously by incredible art all around us , but please keep digging, keep learning  and have fun with it ...The seeds planted with love and curiosity will slowly grow and one day you  distinctly understand - This IS it, your own style have born ...Embrace the sensation of the creative journey, savor it ..The point is in the process and not always  the end result ..Only the process can bring the inspiration, joy and happiness of creative impulse .... ""You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself" .Here are few pieces are painted "under the influence" of Elena Goubar talent...I would simply take my own realistically painted portraits and incorporate more design, story and narrative .
"Three Foxes" oil on linen, 24x18

"Roses for Malvina" 24x18, oil on linen

"Urban Fairy Tale" oil on linen, 24x18

"Mary Poppins" oil on linen, 24x18

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Return of Prodigal Daughter :) ..

So here I'm..Happily returned to blogging..This time I have a very good excuse for being absent ;)
My lovely loyal MacBook Pro went belly up in the recent power outage in Magnuson Park, where is my studio locates. So miracle-workers at the Mac store were able to save my "ole good friend" and gave to it an upgrade! So I basically have a new computer ..And so here I'm, reconnecting with all of you, my dear subscribers  and followers .
I believe, I owe you a post about Elena Goubar's Intuitive painting workshop we had in January
Let me first to state, that Elena is one of the most generous teachers, visionary artist and a gentle soul . One of the rare Renaissance woman-artists I  came across in the Art world..
This workshop  triggered and lifted up layers of hiding creativity, opened up some new horizons and directions. We all felt so much of a fresh art air, excitement and fun, making this new shift.
A little bit more details about what I personally learned and what kind of insight this workshop created.

1. I learned( finally) how to use a palette knife..And it wasn't that simple - one need to develop fine motor skills or in other words "manual dexterity" ..I actually struggled for the whole duration of a workshop... But now I find it really satisfying and enjoy immensely..:)
2. We all started to use our imagination to create a picture ( imaginative painting)  which is absolutely new to almost all of us, participants
3. Using pure colors, which creates unusual richness of texture and forces to think about  harmonies  and organic  color combination
4. Waking up an intuition ..Creative Intuition is something all of us artists have in abundance , and only few is really using ..
5. Elena gave us at least 4 different new techniques we can paint using palette knife .
"Four Degree of Passion" oil on canvas 
Here is a few examples of my new style paintings from the workshop

"Flamenco"                     "Her World"

Tuesday, January 5, 2016