Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Abstracting the Figure ...

 I was very fortunate to take a workshop with Liana Bennett this past weekend. The creative energy, impulse to learn, and power of inspiration was running high...I barely could contain myself and didn't sleep  all weekend :)
 This fantastic master class opened up endless possibilities of a shift towards abstract. I always loved Abstract art and was so ready to learn some principles. Also painting with  acrylic is also allowed me to try different texture, painting tools and uncommon process...  Liana, a very generous teacher and wonderful human being, she gave us 100 % of her attention and knowledge.. Here are some examples of that very fruitful weekend:)
"Three Sisters" acrylic on canvas , 12x16

"Stargazers" acrylic on canvas 12x16

"Parisienne" mix media on canvas 

"Pierrot" mix media on canvas 

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