Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Waiting for her Scarlet Sails" 11x14 oil on canvas board

This piece I started plein air a couple of years ago and forgot about it , and recently was feeling strange urge to finish it..I'm sure it's  just sublimation of my own desires and wishes ...It's good to dream , and normal to wait  ..for your "Scarlet Sails" ..For those who is unfamiliar with Russian literature of 20th Century, I will make a little lyrical digression - "Scarlet Sails" is a great romantic novel by Russian author Alexander Green  about everyday miracles, myths  of Love , about how important to believe, dream and trust and that we all should wait for "Scarlet Sails" ...I still do..and won't settle for less :-))
Sorry to return to reality :-), but  this piece is for sale - 400$ and a free shipping ( and if  you really believe in miracle of Love, you will receive a discount :-)))
"Waiting for her "Scarlet Sails" 11x14 oil on canvas board 

Change of heart..

I went to a beautiful Vashon Island over weekend to switch  up my art work at the little island gallery and to paint  beaches . If you, by chance, visiting  the island, please stop by Kronos 17610 Vashon Highway SW 206-463-0061, to see my new landscapes and paintings of animals.

As for the plein air attempt, it was a flop figuratively and literally :-) I dropped my sketch  face down on the sand ..ouch
Looks like the whole idea to go there and paint on the overcast and windy day was a mistake ...
As for the piece I created , is it even reparable ? Sometimes, if you recognize a strong features of a successful painting - as a design, composition,  colors, it's worse to completely repaint it, in this case, i don't think I want to invest more time in it...If I would do it , I would call it " Change of Heart"
Goodbye Vashon!
Before the disaster..... 

Skagit Valley Colors

Me and my painting buddies finally made it to La Conner. The tulip fields colors, crisp air, happy energy of people around and 2 finished sketches made this trip a success.
Im posting just one for now, as I'm still working on the larger piece and changing the composition a little. The tip of the day - Even if you using lot's bold, bright stand out colors , the dramatic  compostion  is still the key to a successful painting. Strong design and bold colors double the visual effect.
So here is the result of the trip (#1) and  hey, it's for sale :)
$ 200.00 plus free shipping always! Have a great day and thank you for viewing my art :-)
"Skagit" oil on canvas board , 8x10 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Charcoal Drawing as a medicine

As we all know,  a creative process , a spiritual path or life itself is not all roses...All those roads are bumpy. It's fun, interesting, fulfilling ..but bumpy and it's ok , that's the rule of the game, I suppose . To find an own, unique solution for blowing up those blocks and removing the obstacles.
The rationals  are all different for everybody of course , but there is a solution for solving those antics and removing the blocks  , and for me it's a  meditation, green juicing and taking slow little steps toward my easel ...I found that best alternative when I can't even touch my brushes or approach the easel is to fish out and  dust my drawing board and started to draw with charcoal....The more time I would mediate , the more time I could spent drawing - so the last two night I finally started to like what I do again, and today I'm ready for my paints....I think ...
So here are some images ...Thank you for viewing my art.
"Spirit of Your Flower"

"Marina" charcoal drawing

"Julia" charcoal drawing 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Spring Delights" 20x20 oil on linen

So what I've been up to lately one can ask...The answer is to a lot :) I've been painting, dating, teaching, organizing and curating shows and simply living it up to its fullest ...LOVE it..However I would like to present a result of my latest  overnighters :-) I do continue to paint portraits every week, still life twice a week and simply craving to do plein air painting - Want to go and play and paint outside so bad, but the weather is still not cooperating . So here we go , my latest creations - and it's  still available-  so hurry up :-), shoot me an email if you feel like you want to indulge your soul and spirit  to an original oil painting :-)

"Spring Delights" oil on linen, 20x20 -$ 850

"Lika" oil on linen 20x16 -$ 400

"The Lost Captain" oil on linen 20x20 -$ 500

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fresh on the easel ....

Just a glimpse on my two new pieces wich I paint simultaneously :-) So it's fresh and equally wet on my easel right now