Sunday, April 28, 2013

Change of heart..

I went to a beautiful Vashon Island over weekend to switch  up my art work at the little island gallery and to paint  beaches . If you, by chance, visiting  the island, please stop by Kronos 17610 Vashon Highway SW 206-463-0061, to see my new landscapes and paintings of animals.

As for the plein air attempt, it was a flop figuratively and literally :-) I dropped my sketch  face down on the sand ..ouch
Looks like the whole idea to go there and paint on the overcast and windy day was a mistake ...
As for the piece I created , is it even reparable ? Sometimes, if you recognize a strong features of a successful painting - as a design, composition,  colors, it's worse to completely repaint it, in this case, i don't think I want to invest more time in it...If I would do it , I would call it " Change of Heart"
Goodbye Vashon!
Before the disaster..... 


  1. It's not the destination but the journey that counts!....=] Your painting looks good from here!! Never give up Emiliya!....=]

    Hope you are coming to the Gorge...

  2. Thank you for words of courage Robin :-))) I think there are some personal emotions involve in this particular situation....But we will see ...May be I will rescue it :-)

  3. Yes Robin - Im going to Gorge :-)