Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Waiting for her Scarlet Sails" 11x14 oil on canvas board

This piece I started plein air a couple of years ago and forgot about it , and recently was feeling strange urge to finish it..I'm sure it's  just sublimation of my own desires and wishes ...It's good to dream , and normal to wait  ..for your "Scarlet Sails" ..For those who is unfamiliar with Russian literature of 20th Century, I will make a little lyrical digression - "Scarlet Sails" is a great romantic novel by Russian author Alexander Green  about everyday miracles, myths  of Love , about how important to believe, dream and trust and that we all should wait for "Scarlet Sails" ...I still do..and won't settle for less :-))
Sorry to return to reality :-), but  this piece is for sale - 400$ and a free shipping ( and if  you really believe in miracle of Love, you will receive a discount :-)))
"Waiting for her "Scarlet Sails" 11x14 oil on canvas board 


  1. Thank you Carmel :-) Im sure you are familiar with "Scarlet Sails? Have a great day y friend :)