Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Return of Prodigal Daughter :) ..

So here I'm..Happily returned to blogging..This time I have a very good excuse for being absent ;)
My lovely loyal MacBook Pro went belly up in the recent power outage in Magnuson Park, where is my studio locates. So miracle-workers at the Mac store were able to save my "ole good friend" and gave to it an upgrade! So I basically have a new computer ..And so here I'm, reconnecting with all of you, my dear subscribers  and followers .
I believe, I owe you a post about Elena Goubar's Intuitive painting workshop we had in January
Let me first to state, that Elena is one of the most generous teachers, visionary artist and a gentle soul . One of the rare Renaissance woman-artists I  came across in the Art world..
This workshop  triggered and lifted up layers of hiding creativity, opened up some new horizons and directions. We all felt so much of a fresh art air, excitement and fun, making this new shift.
A little bit more details about what I personally learned and what kind of insight this workshop created.

1. I learned( finally) how to use a palette knife..And it wasn't that simple - one need to develop fine motor skills or in other words "manual dexterity" ..I actually struggled for the whole duration of a workshop... But now I find it really satisfying and enjoy immensely..:)
2. We all started to use our imagination to create a picture ( imaginative painting)  which is absolutely new to almost all of us, participants
3. Using pure colors, which creates unusual richness of texture and forces to think about  harmonies  and organic  color combination
4. Waking up an intuition ..Creative Intuition is something all of us artists have in abundance , and only few is really using ..
5. Elena gave us at least 4 different new techniques we can paint using palette knife .
"Four Degree of Passion" oil on canvas 
Here is a few examples of my new style paintings from the workshop

"Flamenco"                     "Her World"

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