Saturday, March 19, 2016

Further development ..

So.. what I'm talking about here? What kind of development? A style , of course ..Our own voice ..
Without trying, painting daily and pushing the paint, you simply won't find your own tune....Looking at my students and painting buddies work, I can immediately recognize, who is into an own "jazz" and who is mimicking, or endlessly coping the art of original artists. And if you coping or stealing the elements or entire subject matter,  one good advise, have been already given before me:  'Steal as an Artist"!!!  :))   So yes, we all influenced tremendously by incredible art all around us , but please keep digging, keep learning  and have fun with it ...The seeds planted with love and curiosity will slowly grow and one day you  distinctly understand - This IS it, your own style have born ...Embrace the sensation of the creative journey, savor it ..The point is in the process and not always  the end result ..Only the process can bring the inspiration, joy and happiness of creative impulse .... ""You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself" .Here are few pieces are painted "under the influence" of Elena Goubar talent...I would simply take my own realistically painted portraits and incorporate more design, story and narrative .
"Three Foxes" oil on linen, 24x18

"Roses for Malvina" 24x18, oil on linen

"Urban Fairy Tale" oil on linen, 24x18

"Mary Poppins" oil on linen, 24x18

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