Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Teanaway Valley" oil on linen, 8x10

First I wanted to share some important information on toxic mediums . I just learned the liquin is  highly toxic and you can't  use it for a long period of time , specially if your ventilation is not too good, as in my case . There are great non toxic replacement for almost all oil mediums, brush cleaners and so on.
One of the wonderful, non toxic  alternatives for liquin or other mediums is M' Graham walnut alkyd medium. Also for cleaning the brush as you paint , please buy SoySolv ( Daniel Smith has on sale) and the the deep cleaning use BrushFlush (Amazon.com)
Finally, here is my latest little painting , a demo for my "Atmospheric Perspective" class .
It't called "Teanaway Valley". It's been "Daily Paintworks" FaceBook pic of the day- a second this month - Woo Hoo !!!

It's for sale on FrankandDunya.com

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