Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"A Big Brother" oil on canvas board, 14x18

Another Gorgeous morning on the beautiful PCF Northwest - it's been officially 44 days without the rain, in the notoriously rainy Seattle, and I've been productive like no tomorrow :-) I have 3 shows lined up , and want to create totally new collection ( in fact 3 )
I just want to share the thoughts on being fiercely creative versus fiercely blocked. The blocks on the way to our creativity are nothing but fears! Fears of rejections , fears of failure , fears of unknown.
We are holding on to what we know and comfortable with, but in order to find a real happiness, real love, real passion ( and the creativity is all of the above ) we need to let go...It's not easy..it's scary ..it's unknown territory. But trust me ...The unknown is the biggest gift of all! So give it  to yourself!
That's where is the pick of creativity  lies .
You can read more on the removing creative blocks in the fantastic book, which helped me, my friends and thousands of artists " The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron .

In a meanwhile, here is my new painting form the series " Fair Sees and Following Winds" called "A Big Brother" , the size is 14x18, oil on canvas board . And it's for sale - 550$, and free shipping!

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