Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Zion's Walls" oil on linen, 12x16

Today, during Yoga class my gorgeous instructor MJ said something resonated with me deeply.
She said " Transformation of the body, spirit and talent happens on the edge. Only if you push yourself our of comfort zone you can reach the level of changes  you desire . Don't be afraid to fail, even if you felt on your butt, just get yourself  up, do it again  and push  little stronger . It's also applies to art  and painting. If you just will paint familiar "territories" you will never grow . Make a small resolution for the next week - to go and try to paint, draw something completely out of habit. Go for a figure drawing,  plein air painting, or just paint with a extremely limited palette . Do something different! Find your edge!
So here is another painting from the series "Suitcase of pastorales" called "Zion's Walls"
I painted it on my latest workshop with the zero help from the instructor , so it will be painting @ 2 from the workshop  

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