Friday, September 21, 2012

"Provence Ruelle" from the series "Suitcase of Pastorales"

It's a foggy, gray day here in Seattle,  and  all of sudden you realise that, yes, it's a Fall after all. The problem with Indian Summers is, it's  usually sweet ..but short.
I hope the weather will  improve for my paint out session on Bainbridge Island tomorrow. I'm taking off to Pulsbor now, and wanted to give some scoop om my latest discoveries, art  tips and helpful little tricks.
1. If you accidentally drop a good chunk of oil paint on the carpet, dress, furniture, your new couch, so on , the best solution is immediately dry it out with the paper towel and spray with the cheapest possible hair spray.
 The cheaper the spray the better It work . Guaranteed !
2. To clean your brushes and keep its chapes , simply rub in castile soap. Don't wash it with the water!
3.To keep a large piles of oil on you palette fresh and oily for longer, before  putting it away in the refrigerator, drop tiny little drops of clove oil in every pile ( I use lot's of oil, so it's literally   "piles") the then put it in the refrigerator . That strong clove odor will keep the paint fresh .
That will be it for todays words of wisdom :-)

And here is painting # 3 from the workshop. It's belong now to my series " Suitcase of Pastorales" - Provence Ruelle" . It's for sale - $ 500.00

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