Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Evening in Port Townsend " - last day of Wooden Boats Festival

Color is not constant thing. The color of a subject will change its appearance when the colors surrounded it changes . Also the color will change its appearance when the light shining upon it changes the spite how much our brains would like to think otherwise ! After all the Color is just an illusion because it's changes all the time and it's affected by Light Source, surrounded color and atmosphere.
Here is my new painting , from the photo I took in Port Townsend Boat festival from my series   " Fair Sees and Following Winds"  - Evening in Port Townsend . I took about 500 hundred photos  and have great material to paint . This piece is for sale -$ 350.00 with the frame - $ 250.00 no frame
11x14, oil on linen, free shipping

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