Monday, October 1, 2012

"Fort Casey" oil on linen , 9x12

Just a little note about giving your painting a real boost and increase the interest
by having one or more secondary focal points or areas as well as a primary  focal point or area.
Just make it more interesting and intriguing for the viewer .

Fort Casey - oil on linen , 9x12 - for sale @ 250.00

"Morning  in Coupeville" - Here is example of how NOT to design and compose your painting.
I actually will use this painting as a poster for the very common artistic mistakes.
Number 1. This building is dividing the painting right in half .
Number 2. To many focal points and there is no comprehensive idea , why did I choose this composition in a first place. Basically TMI - too much information . And that is the main reason I won't sell this plein air sketch to demonstrate to my students - that  we are all humans and make mistakes :-)
Happy Painting Everyone

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