Friday, July 5, 2013

"Sun Lit Delights" oil on linen , 16x20 SOLD!!!

Ok, folks - If I don't post on the blog for a couple of days - just know :  it's because I'm painting like mad lady...and loving it!
 I'd like to answer some of my students questions  right here on the blog - The most frequent  question asked is about galleries .
What kind of strategies must artists come up with in order to be accepted into good, reputable galleries .
Before I answer this, I must ask - are you positive you want to be shown at a gallery at the expenses of your sales ?
Yes, most of the galleries nowadays have strict requirements and exclusive contracts - If you can successfully sell online - think twice before you sign anything that may cut your profits!!!
Plus, How often have you've been rejected (as an artist) and felt discouraged and
confused presenting your work to a gallery?
As artists, we really want to feel as though we have the freedom to create and
paint whatever we want. Guess what? If you are still, after my warning, seriously considering seeking
out gallery representation, you need to think about creating a unified and

cohesive body of work to demonstrate your consistency and creative maturity.
To do this, try to find a focus and create a body of 30 works of one style and
medium. Ideally, even the framing should be harmonious and unified.

Make sure your portfolio is delivered in a convenient format to the gallery. To
avoid mistakes, simply call the gallery to set up an appointment and ask what
their expectations are ahead of the show.

It’s important to price your art with confidence and consistency.

Before approaching a gallery, make sure it’s reputable and appropriate for your
type of work.

Lastly, make sure your portfolio actually reaches a suitable representative of the
gallery. The best way to do this is to call and set up the appointment with the
owner or manager.

So here is my lates painting, still fresh on the easel :
" Sun Lit Delights" oil on linen , 20x16
"Sun Lit Delights" oil on linen, 20x16 

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