Monday, November 12, 2012

"Gypsy" - Portret of Elena , 24x20 oil on linen

I'm posting an image of my third portret from the group on Bainbridge Island . I'm taking a ferry every week to go to see my dear friends and paint with incredible artists! Yes, it's time and money but it's sooo worth it!  How lucky I'm .
So, here some conclusions on the process, regarding the portret painting :
1 Format . Of course we all different and have own preferences - I found that the large size of canvas liberate my strokes and motions .
2. More paint! I will never grow tired of repeating this  simple truth - Paint with large amount of paint - massive blabs of paint. As soon as  I rub the pain into a canvas my feel of happiness and meditation from creative process dissolving. Returning back to a happy oily dancing brush reenter my state of ecstatic happiness
3. Deliberate strokes - For canvas size 24x20 you must use brush 10 for 80% of the painting time - then slow down , and get smaller size of the brushes
4. There is no pure white anywhere , so use your sensible and subtle mixes
"Gypsy" portret of Elena , 24x20 , oil on linen 
This portret is not for sale at the moment as I will show it at my 2 upcoming exhibits  .
So in case you really want it - $ 3000.00

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