Monday, December 3, 2012

"WINTER CHERRIES" 10x10 oil on linen

I didn't blog for 2 weeks . But  "Holidays fever" is here again and life taking on crazy, rapid, happy turns .
I'm wondering why it spins faster and faster every year , why time seems like flying with a double speed compare to our Youth , when we were so innocent and unaware of social networking, Ipads/pones/tunes  or what ever I-else. We had no idea about joy of wasting time on Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn and streaming any movie right at the  convenience of your cosy PJ.
Anyway - that's why I've never noticed those 2 weeks flu as a wild mosquito right by my nose.
 I wasn't creatively procrastinating , I was creatively discovering a beauty of painting all night . I was very productive because of that discovery , and its aslo reflected on the amount of sales.
So I'll try to catch up and will post all the paintings from my all-nighters ..Here we go!

this piece is for sale of course . $ 300.00 and free shipping 

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