Friday, December 7, 2012

"A Little Bit Of "Country" oil on canvas, 12x16

I'm painting on 12x16 canvases now, just to utilize the big batch of "Fredric's/Blue labels. To say it's not my favorite , to say the least !!! Even after applying a coat of gesso, it's  just not the same  as my favorite linen . Technically speaking , the surface is as important as oil paint quality and the brushes quality. In order to avoid lot's of frustration and grief stick with something you are familiar and what is work best for your own painting style . Here is another piece for my upcoming show on Vashon.
I started this still life while teaching the class. My talented student Rachel was up to a great start. I have to admit I liked her composition better. We'll see how she applied all the knowledge from my classes to finish this still life from the reference photo .
" A Little Bit Of "Country" oil on canvas , 12x16
It's for sale $ 300.00

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