Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 43 .."Orange Haze"

This is another demo for my class and another difficult harmony. I had an interesting and intense class of my own yesterday. So I set up a pretty advanced still life, in colors and values, like the one I've just finished. All my students work really hard and show phenomenal progress. They work on overcoming their fears and insecurities and they always create something beautiful! Maybe I'm pushing them too far?.. Not all of them will ever be professional artists and some of them don't have any intention of being. But I keep pushing them a little further each week. Trying to teach them to see and analyse and then apply that knowledge to their canvases. Often, students don't realize how much mental and physical work, there is in painting. The pace of painting daily puts you in the right mindset and that's when you start to see great advances in your own development
We often discuss a safety tips and exchanging ideas about less toxic materials we can use. Here is a great read , and I"m ordering that stuff right now:)

"Orange Haze" oil on linen, 8x10

And here where you can find the "stuff" :)

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