Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 34 - "Healing Rain"

Dear Friends, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your overwhelming stream of emotional support, good wishes, love and care!!!! Thank you also to those who have bought my paintings, sent donations, flowers, called, visited  and are still bidding …I will make it up to all of you!!!

I just want to give you all an update of the situation regarding my Dad. There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that although I am an American citizen and I have an American travelers passport, things are not so easy. I had thought I could just buy the visa, ticket and be on my way to see and take care of my parents....."Not so fast" said the Russian Consulate in Seattle. Turns out, that according to a new law, I can't enter Russia with any other documentation other than a Russian passport (which expired years ago). All because I have dual citizenship. I can't obtain a visa without the Russian Passport. So I immediately applied for one.... Guess how long it's going to take to obtain it? 6-12 months!!! So for the time being I shall have to stay here and keep hoping for the best.

The Good news is I have been able to hire a Caregiver for both of my parents, while I'm waiting for the passport. So I will at least have some piece of mind that someone is regularly visiting them and helping them day to day. My Dad, even though is still very ill in hospital is responding well to treatment and won't need any surgery!!! All your prayers, love and healing energy REALLY WORKED!!!! Thank you all so much!!!

All my commitments, obligations, classes, meetings , painting shipping will take place as scheduled.

"Healing Rain" oil on board, 10x10 


  1. I hope the Russian passport gets processed quick, Emiliya... It must be of great comfort that your father will not need surgery and has someone to look after him. :) You are a good daughter, hang in there!! (Side note: WOW, "Healing Rain" so beautiful.)

  2. Thank you dear Diana, I feel much better after getting all updates from home and hiring the caregiver ...Now I can at least wait to the passport :) Hug