Saturday, January 10, 2015


 I call it serendipity.
     When my friend Scott and I finally made it to Tacoma to see "Nature's Gift of Water: Plein Air Washington Artists'', the spectacular show at the American Art Company, a lovely gallery assistant greeted us at the door with a  big smile.
     Turns out, it was artist Misty Martin, who supervises the gallery from time to time.
     Misty's credentials and achievements in the art world are impressive, but I was really dazzled by her super-realistic acrylic paintings. We chatted for a while, shared some art gossip, and then she asked me which of my paintings were on display at the gallery. 
     I pointed to "Chasing the Shadows'', hanging on the wall in front of us.
     Smiling at me, Misty asked: "Do you see that red dot? This painting is mine now -- I bought it today!"
     I was humbled and delighted that a fellow artist, one who works in a totally different media and style, had acquired my painting for her own art collection.
     Continuing on our tour, Scott and I headed off to check out "Art of the American West: the Haub Family Collection'' at the Tacoma Art Museum. It was my second visit to TAM, but the first for Scott. He was especially interested in the works of fellow Montanan Charles M. Russell.

      It should have been a perfect day. But, alas, I suffered a freak accident right upon arrival,  involving a rubber jump rope, which left me with a black eye. Aaaarrrgh!
Here are more paintings for Leslie Saeta "30 in 30" challenge. Painting daily, folks, is HARD! But the experience of getting into a zone when your brush became an extension of your hand and your soul is priceless. Only, when you brush flying on the canvas, when you surrender all your attachments for the every single little piece, only then you push yourself enough to get better at this!
"Rozy" oil on paper, 8x6

"Trinity" oil on linen, 8x10

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