Friday, January 23, 2015


It's day 23 of Leslie Saeta "30 paintings in 30 days challenge" and I'm catching up with all latest postings.
It's been a great platform for those of us who wants to create a routine and discipline to paint as often as possible. I had an interesting discussion on facebook about what is the propose of painting every day in 30 days instead of painting one piece for 30 days. This is excerpt from Sergey Bogart notes on painting, which is the best answer to that discussion and beyond :
"It is all in the mileage invested. As Robert Henri says, do lots of starts and the finishes will take care of themselves.
In art, the hardest skill to learn is to be simple. As artists, we have a natural inclination to create detail; we must overcome this tendency. The first rule is to begin big and simple, then move toward small and complex."
Painting every day and painting small has so many benefits, which includes :
-Feeling less pressure and fears ..
-Gaining confidence 3 times faster
- You are feeling freedom to experiment , and this is a big one 
and finally, timing - you can ALWAYS find an hour to paint 6x6 little piece. 
Here are 5 paintings from day 12, 13, 14, 15,  ...and I promise to post daily !! ( ah promises , promises!!)

CREME DE LA CREME oil on linen, 8x10

Spilling Oranges. oil on board 6x6

"DECEPTION PASS" oil on linen, 6x6

"Valley's Guard" oil on linen, 8x8

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