Monday, October 13, 2014


It’s amazing how one’s dreams, goals and priorities change, sometimes over night, sometimes over extended periods of time, with the help of “connectors” 
I have a few “connectors” and I’m so very lucky to call them my closest friends.

I’ve been always heavily involved with Art. I knew I was born an artist. This realization came to me when I was around 3. Drawing, painting and reading became my La-la-land, my perfect reality inside a very happy childhood. I remember a burning anticipation of  diving into a new book ( I started read at age 4) , or returning to my sketch book to lose myself in imaginary realm. Many years, cities, events, relationships  later, I‘ve returned to my roots. I’m so passionate about painting and drawing, that I call it a Love Affair with my easel.
And as in any intense relationship, my relationship with Art has its own ups and downs. Mostly ups, high ups. I wake up full of ideas I want to try out in my next painting or in the class I teach.
My Yoga and meditation actually fuel my hunger for creating  even more. 
 I know I will never quench that thirst for creativity, and that flame will never be  extinguished .
 I’m grateful that the Universe has been so generous with me...I’m so grateful to be living a dream!!!

This little lyrical digression has nothing to do with the subject of the post..It is  actually will be about warm/cool colors on your palette. Is this subject charged with confusion, misconception and trust issues?
“Is Ultramarine blue is cold ? Is Pthalo blue is warm “. This discussion has been brewing for  a decade. Here is my 5 cents worth to contribute to this life long debate.
It has started to bother me that many, very trusted artists seem  to have an opposite point of view. Why? Why can’t they see such an obvious thing? The answer might lie in the specifics of the vision of each individual. I got into a discussion on one of the artists blogs about the topic, and David Briggs, who is a great artist  himself and did lot's of research on it, politically correctly suggested,  that "colors are created by the human visual system and are not actually "in" the spectrum. Most commonly warmth is associated with both redness and yellowness, but for substantial minorities it is associated with just redness or just yellowness. If it's impossible to come up with an agreed definition, perhaps it's best to drop the idea as a way of describing hue, and just say reddish blue vs greenish blue, " I STILL don't buy it!
I’m going to give you my opinion on the subject , and want to reassure you that it’s my STRONG belief and nothing can change it.
 My theory is backed up by many geniuses in the  Art world. 
 Every color on your palette  has a second color in it - For example Yellow Lemon is cooler then Yellow dark because it appeares more bluish versus yellow dark which appears reddish.
I think no one will argue with this, right? Cad red light is warmer than Alizarin because it has  yellow in it versus  the blue in the Alizarin. Agree? Good....It’s obvious, that Sap green is warm, due to an yellow in it, versus Veridian which contains  blue. for the Blues - Ultramarine is COOLER due to the red in it, versus Pthalo containing  yellow. One can exclaim - "wait a minute, the  red is hot warm!"  So here is the last question for you: “ what is warmer Red or Yellow?” And, folks, obvious answer is the key to this life long discussion! I rest my case! :)
Here is my Art I try to prove that theory with painting every day ;)
"Giants over La Conner" oil on linen, 18x24  - 1200$


"Magnuson Majestic" oil on linen, 20x20  -1200$

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