Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Paint the Peninsula"

What a honor to be able to compete with all those incredible artists during the "Paint The Peninsula" plain air invitational. Ned Mueller, Eric Jacobsen, Jane Wallis, Robin Weiss, Kate Sowa and many many others, whose art work would just blow me away. In my opinion, and the juror, my representation  and body of work looked adequate and sufficient. Receiving the ribbon made this experience even more pleasant. Honorable mention award was a sweet cherrie on the cake of excellently organized event and brought some serious excitement. But the most important thing was experiencing that rush, emotional pick, union of Art, Nature and Friendship. Meeting old friends, making new ones and getting know fantastic artists and soulful people, what can be better?
A few notes and tips on painting outside, in the nature. First, I finally learned that linen panels I make myself, using "claessens linen" is the absolute best! My winning piece, which I painted first on the first day of paint was painted on such panel and it felt so easy. I couldn't attain that sensation with any other panels or canvases. Number two - avoid painting a brightly sunlit scene if you are in the deep shade, and you don't have an ambient light around you. Note, it doesn't concern  umbrellas - you still can use it successfully without painting your piece too dark.
Here is my little collection submitted to the jury of Plein air invitational "Paint The Peninsula 2014"
All the pieces are for sale, by very reasonable price - Shipping is free, as always!

"Showing Off" oil on linen, 8x8 $ SOLD

"Peaceful Court" painting from quick draw competition , $ 250.00

Quiet Morning on the Marsh"  $ 650.00


"Morning Light" oil on linen, 9x12, $ 350.00

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  1. Great work Emiliya! It was so much fun painting with you all! Till next time.....
    Cheers! =]
    I have mentioned you on my blog. I will link you too! =]