Friday, October 17, 2014

"Chasing Shadow"

Finally and officially the deadline  for the Gift of Water Show has passed. I managed to enter 2 pairs of plein air study and studio paintings. Some artists are feeling hesitant to post the images of their work before being accepted , but not me. Regardless of the result or outcome of the jury process, Im happy and proud about what I painted, so here it is. My entries to the American Art company juried show "The Gift of Water"
"Chasing Shadow" oil on linen, 23x34

"Cranberry Lake" oil on linen, 23x30


  1. Hi Emiliya,

    Good luck with the Gift of Water show. Your work is beautiful. I can't stop looking at the glow in the water you've achieved in "Cranberry Lake". Hopefully the judges will be equally captivated.

    I'm new to plein air painting, having just switched to oils this summer and enjoying not having my paint instantly dry on me anymore. Maybe you mention it somewhere on your blog so I apologize if I missed it, but what outdoor painting set-up do you use? I'm becoming overwhelmed by all the options out there! Sadly there's no plein air group near me, so I'm venturing forth alone and don't have anyone local whose brain I can pick. Thanks very much.


    1. Dear Gabrielle,
      Thank you for the encouragement. Sorry for the delay in replay, as I just found your comment. There are a few really good set ups for plein air painting. I would recommend those: Open box M -, EasyL -
      Coulter Plein Air system -,
      I use Ala Prima pochade -
      All four systems are very great - so look it up and see which one you like the most . Hope it helps :)