Monday, September 14, 2015


Gosh..It feels good ...Don't believe that happiness is just a moment ...It can last for a longer period of time ..weeks and even months ..I'm at its pic ...I think
Creating and teaching to create is a very empowering activity ...I have a best and the most talented students..They also have tons of courage, something I didn't have myself back in an Art school .
And that courage is translating into their art! it's amazing to see the transformation, the growth, and artistic maturity, fearlessness ...
I started a portrait class a week ago . Needless to say, that some of my dear guys have never painted a portraits before, yet they jumped into it with confidence and courage..I can tell, we are going to learn a lot ..Together..As I learn so much from them ...
Here is the painting from my demo in the class . "Tammy" oil on birch , 16x20

"Tammy" oil on birch, 20x16

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