Friday, June 26, 2015

"First Mums"

Im pretty happy with this painting's been awhile for me to experience a satisfaction about my own painting..I know what they say ; "If you feel like you are in some kind of stagnation despite painting every day like mad, it's mean you are about to undergo a  breakthrough" Well, I hope so :)
But it did feel like I'm on something in this still life ..The main sensation I was experiencing and eventually what gave me  the result, was the urge to let go ANY control over your painting ...letting go any pressure about creating a Masterpiece..The whole time I was painting I felt so liberated feeling the desire to mess this painting up and just have fun with brush strokes applications. And then, at the highest point  of fearlessness , miracle happened ...I DIDN'T CARE ..I was free ...Limitations left me ..So  what I want to say in this post- try to exercise your right for creative freedom every time you are in front of a blank canvas... Forget about other artists,  forget to compare yourself with Masters, forget  juries, committees,  critics ....Paint like you DON'T CARE about selling this piece ..and paint every single freaking piece exactly like this ....You will unleash your creative's there inside of's always been there, just buried under heavy rocks of  pressure of the society, pressure of being SUCCESSFUL  and ACCEPTED by social network......
So here it is ..."First Mums" oil on canvas , 18x24

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