Wednesday, December 31, 2014


"Being an artist is not just about what happens when you are in the studio. The way you live, the people you choose to love and the way you love them, the way you vote, the words that come out of your mouth, the size of the world you make for yourselves, your ability to influence the things you believe in, your obsessions, your failures — all of these components will also become the raw material for the art you make." Teresita Fernandez 

The last day of 2014 ...This year is almost over .  What an year it was!
 It has been an incredible ! It was full of many blessings, art encounters, people meeting, reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, joyful paint-outs, and satisfying learning and teaching. It also had a few farewells, some personal changes, and challenges. This year in its entirety has made me stronger and more aware of the elusive beauty of this world and all the love in it.
So thank you, my friends, for being a part of my year and its journey!!!  I’m looking forward to 2015 with the new art adventures and encounters that will come with it!!!
Special thanks to my students and patrons! Let me just tell you, how much I appreciate your talent, dedication, kindness and faith in me as your art instructor.  Additionally, every art purchase and commission encourages and inspires me tenfold! 
The art world and process of learning art can be tough, but you all make it joyous!
Happy New Year to all of you!!!!

"Lemon Tango" oil on linen, 6x6

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