Monday, April 21, 2014

Surprise, Surprise :)

Surprise, surprise !!! Look who came back to the Blog! Yes, I'm back. There is so much to report, to share, to brag about, to gossip and to spill out . I do love to share, almost as much as I love to paint. That's why I teach. 
I abandoned my blog for a very simple and trivial reason: limited time and convenience of a facebook's  immediate feedback. 
Every time I wanted to write something and share art tips, experiences, discoveries on here , I would feel such an intense  pressure of trying to to catch up on all  missed times. That guilt would  torture me and paralyze. Solving this dilemma took me 6 months. But I'm back - Happy, elevated, elated and...engaged. Yes I'm engaged to a wonderful and caring man. 

A few weeks ago I took a workshop with a wonderful artist and beautiful soul -Ilene Gienger-Stanfield. I felt an instant creative connection with her. Thank you for sharing your talent, Ilene. Here is a series of pieces we created on the workshop. Very quick ( 20 -30 ) minutes sketches. I love to take local workshops, where I would not only learn a lot, interact with fellow artists, but also would acquire new students. 
"Blue Raincoat" oil on linen

"Magnolia Tea" oil on linen 

"Purple Skirt" oil on linen

"Ready for Summer" oil on linen 


  1. Welcome back to blogging Emiliya, look forward to seeing your paintings.

  2. Thank you my dear Blanch - Same here, looking forward to see your art, Hug, Emiliya
    P.S See you at the drawing session :)