Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work in progress - 11x14 oil on linen

Feeling out of sort all day.. But after finishing all daily chores and my fabulous Zumba class I set up this still life and decided to paint. It's was 1:00 a.m (yes, pretty late - or rather very early :-) I know it's going to be successful painting.
I prepared my canvas with Ovanes Berberian technique -
applied a medium of his choice ( not mine, as it's incredibly stinky) which is 1part Damar & 2.5 - 3 parts Turpentine with a few drops of linseed oil. Then I toned the canvas with his usual color combination - phtalo blue and black,  a very thin transparent wash, and after quick composition lay out , I did the initial washes of pure pigments (no whites or black added) 
Let me tell you, despite that I really dreading to use that medium, the quality of strokes and oil application is AMAZING. I decided to prepare all the canvases I'm going to use in the near future with Ovanes's "tincture"
Will finish this piece today - stay tune. 

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