Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My students painting away at the Color Mixing class

The subject of the 3rd class was  low chroma vs high chroma paintings and creating own music in your art pieces .
I think every each of my lady-students achieved that task wonderfully and had so much fun painting freely.

Diana's painting.
Diana stated that blue and yellow her less favorite colors.

it looks like she embraced her dislikes and came up
with beautiful high chroma piece.
What do you think?

Rennie's painting. She playfully exaggerated the color and
achieved a very great affect of high chroma painting  

Jesse's painting.
 Very expressive strokes , use of contrasts  

and certainly hight chroma painting .

Michelle's painting.
 A deliberate brush strokes  which 

is not typical for Michelle's style, 
powerful combination of  high
 chroma  colors

Janice's painting.
More muted colors but still very strong design
, use of color and most realistic aproach.

Susanna's painting.
Susanna decided to paint with palette knife.
Although she used it for the first time -
it was a great and successful attempt

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