Friday, March 9, 2012


So...It's been almost a full month since the last post, and I have a good excuse ...I think ....Well, We are working around the clock on our new endeavor - Frank and Dunya on-line gallery. It' s been challenging, intense but FUN! So far I absolutely love to be fully involve into creating our exciting new entity.
 As for my fine art creative outlet I continue to paint and study with best Masters around.
One of them is Ovanes Berberian, an incredible colorist and Sergei Bongart's generation outstanding painter. Even though 3 days of workshop is not nearly  enough to cover lots of information on his painting approach, but  at least we touched some bases and now I try  to incorporate what I learned from this Greatest Artist .
1. I'm learning to use lots and lots of paint
2. I'm trying to use very assertive and bold brush strokes
Here is my attempt to revisit flower  painting.
I'll post more paintings from the workshop tomorrow
Oh, it's for sale too - $250.00

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