Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Rencontrer Des Cafés" oil on board 10x 16

I called it "Rencontrer Des Cafés" which  translates as
 "Cafe Encounter" ,
and this is another painting challenge from "Day not wasted" site.
The number of pieces I painted today  is 4. The number of pieces I'm happy with is 2 . And it's alright .
Painting maraphones give me deeper understanding of techniques, materials and style.
I definitely found my "surface" - it's linen, only linen.
Painting on linen with "Rosemary and Co" brushes and Da Vinci oil is a pure joy!!!
 This piece is for sale - $ 500.00
Free shipping


  1. Looks great! Once you try Linen it's hard to go back. Is it oil primed? That is the best!

  2. Yes, Randy - Oil primed linen boards. I just order a bunch ( a really big bunch:-) from Art Supplies Warehouse the prices are unbelievable.
    I also love,love your version of this photo challenge. Happy Thanksgiving:-)