Saturday, January 30, 2021

New Paintings and More

 As I'm looking at my last post from 2018 - I can't help but got quiet and little sad reflecting on those 2 years of my personal life, dramatic changes of this country and World ....Little that we all knew, we will be living in a completely  different World in 2021 ....We lost almost half million human lives due to Covid . My own Dad is in intensive care with Covid right now and most likely won't survive this ...The very thought of loosing my parents is sending me into a very dark place and depression. But despite that darkness around , I see the light , I'm full of light and Hope ..I Love and Loved ..I'm happy to create without limitation and pressure of loosing my livelihood and I'm deeply deeply grateful for it...My art business and sales are  growing exponentially..I'm so thankful for my health and mental state. And, yes we live  in a different country today , and there is so much Hope we came out stronger, more kind, more resilient and smarter ...Let's see .....

"One of Seventh" 20x20 oil in linen 

"From the Garden of Eden "- SOLD

"Winter Lilac" 14x14 oil on aluminum 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Paining number eleven of my "Small paintings - Big sale". I'm so curious about how long I can keep this up  because I've never really counted my own paintings, especially the small ones. Yes I paint every day, plus on location and when on the paint outs  I usually paint 2 pieces. Well, I believe, I will figure it out  when I run out of paintings to post .. Such is life...
There is a book called Bend in the River by Nobel  Laureate V. S. Naipul
His  asserts in the opening line of this book was "The world is what it is" ..And  I agreed , Folks :) 
"A Bend in the River" oil on board, 9x12
$ 100.00

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Today is June 17, my beloved, late husband Chris birthday...8 years ago he passed away suddenly from a heart attack. That tragedy changed the course of my life..After the initial shock, after the emotional fog of many months had lifted , I knew that I had to come back to my roots, and start to paint and teach again..It's painting that healed me and opened up a very unexpected and very supportive channel.
"Healing Rain" oil on canvas, 12x12 

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Painting is, hands down, my absolutely favorite activity, and may be even an obsession. But it's so important to recognize when this activity takes over your life in all directions and frankly, unbalance you.
I feel this kind of shift recently. I analyzed why and from where I got those sensations, and decided that I need to say "no" to some of my countless responsibilities in order to get back to my golden ratio of Art/health/family. So I did this change, and will see how it will affect my emotional state.

But for now is a painting for sale ! It's a painting number # 9, called "Columbia" oil on linen 6x12

"Columbia" oil on linen , 6x12

Friday, June 15, 2018

It’s a MATCH!

It's a MATCH!  … a match of wine, coffee and art!!!
I'm very excited to announce my new art show at the Match Restaurant in Duvall , WA
Whether you’re a Local or a Visitor, come to enjoy great coffee in the morning , a tasty and healthy lunch in the afternoon , or a fun filled dinner including Friday performances by talented local musicians.
And of course, see my Art on display at any time of the day!

My showing begins June 13, 2018 and continues throughout the month of August.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 
Address of the venue is  ......

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

DAY 8 - Lot's of Fun

I had so much fun going through all my small size paintings, reviewing them and deciding which one to offer next ..
It's ironic how viewing small paintings gives me so many ideas about directions and concepts I could go with my art. I'm getting really excited about my next chapter !
         Speaking off excitement,  panting number 8 called "Orange Mood" - a very happy color for me.
"Orange Mood" oil on linen, 9x12

DAY 7 of my SALE

Here we go, day 7th of my "Small paintings- Big sale", well, sale :) Today I present a small, 10x10 painting, called "Last Ray of Sun" , this painting was done from the photo, my good friend and a painting buddy Ned Mueller gave me. It's been taken in Montana, his Native Land

"Last Ray of Sun" oil on linen, 10x10